Poker Central Announces MVMT Million Dollar Final Table Challenge

Poker Central®, the world’s only 24/7 Poker™ TV network, today announced its MVMT Million Dollar Final Table Challenge. This new contest gives poker fans the chance to win $1 million by predicting the order of the final table at the Super High Roller Bowl!

How to Play

Register on the Poker Central website on or before May 29.

Choose the seven players that you think will reach the final table, including the order in which they finish. There is only one entry per person, so choose wisely!

Be sure to tune in when the Super High Roller Bowl is broadcast LIVE starting on May 29, as you’ll have the opportunity to change your picks all the way through the conclusion of Day 1! Be sure to see who gets knocked out early and who runs hot so you can make changes accordingly.

“It’s a simple contest,” said Clint Stinchcomb, CEO of Poker Central. “Just predict the players who make the final table, in the order they finish, and win $1 million!”

$10,000 Consolation Prize

Poker Central is offering a consolation prize, in the event of no one picking the exact winning table. Each contestant’s lineup will be broken down into points with more points awarded to the higher places. The entrant with the most points will win $10,000! For details on the scoring system, and for other rules and information, visit:

MVMT Watches

MVMT Watches (pronounced “movement”) is the sponsor of the MVMT Million Dollar Final Table Challenge. MVMT will be giving away 25 MVMT watches for the 25 highest-scoring entries.

As a special bonus to poker fans, MVMT is offering $10 off any watch from their store. Simply go to and enter the promo code SHRB1 upon checkout in order to receive this discount.