Baazi Poker Tour June 2016 15K Bounty Event – Live Reporting

IMG_7732_1 - CopyGaurav Mittal wins the 15K Bounty event

7:50 AM Level 23: 25000/50,000/5000

In the final hand of tournament, Gaurav Mittal and Krishna SM were up against each other and Gaurav had Krishna covered.

Krishna: c9 dJ

Gaurav: cQ s8

Borad ran sK hK c8 s2 h3 giving the pot to Gaurav Mittal for 2-pairs.

Gaurav took home Rs 3.5 Lacs with the winner’s trophy while Krishna bagged Rs 3.7 Lacs in cash prize.

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Sridhar finishes 3rd for Rs 2.7 Lacs

6:50 AM Level 23: 25000/50,000/5000

Sridhar was up against Krishna with s10 h9 while Krishna had s1 d2. Krishna took down the pot with one more Ace on flop. Sridhar placed 3rd in the tournament.

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3-way deal made

6:40 AM Level 23: 25000/50,000/5000

The remaining 3 players have struck a deal leaving 80,000 and the trophy for the winner.

Sridhar – 2.7 Lacs

Krishan SM – 3.7 Lacs

Gaurav Mittal – 2.7 Lacs

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Haresh Kukreja (5th) and Abhishek Kumar (4th eliminated)

6:30 AM Level 23: 25000/50,000/5000

Haresh Kukreja finished 5th in the tournament bagging Rs 1,15,000 while after a long 4-way play, Abhishek Kumar got eliminated in 4th place for Rs 1.6 Lac

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DSC063803 Quick eliminations – Rakesh Sharma (8th), Dinesh Kumar (7th) and Kartik Ved (6th)

4:35 AM Level 19: 8000/16,000/2000

Rakesh Sharma departed in 8th place for Rs 55,000 and Dinesh Kumar followed him in 7th place for Rs 70,000.

In a hand, Kartik Ved went up against Krishna SM with dQ h9 while Krishna had sK hQ. Community hK c9 c2 s4 sQ knocked out Kartik Ved in 6th place. He bagged Rs 90,000 in cash prize.

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DSC08304Vineet Kumar finishes in 9th place

4:18 AM Level 17: 6000/12,000/2000

Vineet went all-in with dA sK and Krishna SM called with h6 d6. Board cQ d6 cA s5 h9 gave Krishna  a set of sixes to knock out Vineet Kumar.

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Here are the final table chip counts

3:49 AM Level 17: 5000/10,000/1000

Kartik Ved – 340,000

Krishna SM – 307,000

Dinesh Kumar – 307,000

Haresh Kukreja – 273,000

Sridhar R – 187,000

Vineet Kumar – 110,000

Gaurav Mittal – 100,000

Rakesh Sharma – 82,000

Abhishek Kumar – 74,000

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Vinay(11th) and Nadeem Basha (10th) eliminated; Final Table Formed

3:20 AM Level 17: 5000/10,000/1000

Vinay Sanklecha finishes 11th in the tourney bagging Rs 35,000 in cash prize.

Nadeem Basha became the Final Table bubble in the hand when Dinesh Kumar (Danny) went preflop all-in with cA d7 and Nadeem called all-in with hA cQ.

Community S8 h2 hK c7 c2 paired Danny’s 7 to knock out Nadeem.

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DSC08194Jaydeep Dawar finishes 12th for Rs 35,000

2:50 AM Level 16: 4000/8000/1000

Jaydeep went all-in 10 BB stack preflop with hA h10 from cut-off and opponent in Big Blind calls with dK cK. Board brings no help to Jaydeep and he gets eliminated in 12th place.

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Down to 12 players

2:50 AM Level 16: 4000/8000/1000

6 players have been eliminated after getting in the money.

18th – G. Santosh Kumar – 20,000

17th – Ronak Agarwal – 20,000

16th – Yuvraj Singh – 20,000

15th – Dustin James – 25,000

14th – Anirudh – 25,000

13th – Vinod M – 25,000

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17.8 Lacs in prize pool; 18 places paid

2:00 AM Level 13: 1500/3000/500

The winner will take home 4.8 lacs in top prize while 18 players will bag cash prize. Here are the chip counts:

1- 4,80,000

2- 3,00,000

3- 2,15,000

4- 1,60,000

5- 1,15,000

6- 90,000

7- 70,000

8- 55,000

9-10- 45,000

11-12- 35,000

13-15- 25,000

16-18- 20,000

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Apaar Gautam bubbles

2:00 AM Level 15: 3000/6000/500

Apaar Gautam goes all-in preflop with d9 s7 and Nadeem Basha calls with dJ cJ. Nadeem takes it down on the board hQ s10 c5 sQ cK.

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DSC08304Shashank Desai eliminated in a 3-way pot

12:50 AM Level 13: 1500/3000/500

In the preflop war, Vineet Kumar went all-in and Shashank Desai called all-in while Vaibhav Sharma, the biggest stack of 3 called.

Vineet Kumar: c8 s8

Shashank: d9 h9

Vaibhav: h10 d10

Table: h8 c3 sJ dJ dK

Vineet Kumar takes down the pot with set of eights.

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Ashwin eliminated by Sumit Sapra

12:42 AM Level 12: 1200/2400/400

Ashwin shoved 22,500 with d1 s3 and Sumit Sapra made the call showing h1 d4. Another 4 on the flop gave the pot and bounty to Sumit.

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Farookh eliminated by Anant

12:30 AM Level 11: 1000/2000/300

In the preflop action, Farookh goes all-in with cA h9 and Anant calls with c9 d9. Broad s5 d5 d4 d10 c8 bring no help to Farookh. He gets eliminated form the bounty tournament.

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DSC06380Irshad Chaudhary eliminated by Katik Ved

12:20 AM Level 11: 1000/2000/300

Irshad went all-in 8400 with sK s5 and Kartik reshoves with dA d10. Board runs c7 h3 s10 d4 d8 giving Kartik a pair of tens to knock out Irshad.

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Field is down to 49 players

11:50 PM Level 10: 800/1600/200

The field of 175 players is down to 57 now in the 10 level of game.