Harjas Singh Wadhwa finishes 11th, Niwesh Sharma 10th

3:52:39 AM Level 19: 5000/10000/1000

Harjas Singh Wadhwa placed 11th in the tournament, 2 short of the final table. He took home Rs 44,000 in cash prize. Niwesh Sharma became the final table bubble when he went up against Kalyan in a hand.

Kalyan opened 20K preflop  which Niwesh called. The flop dJ c8 c10 got checked by both the player and the delaer brought h7 on turn. Niwesh moved all-in with his stack of 97,000 to bluff on the straight draw board. But, Kalyan called and showed dQ cQ while Niwesh had c3 c7. River dJ eliminated Niwesh from the tournament in 10th place. He took home Rs 44,000 in cash prize.