Deltin Poker Tournament Aug’16 – 10K Kickoff – Live Reporting

IMG_20160826_083706_HDR - CopyTarun Goyal Wins the 10K Kickoff event

Level: 27 Blinds:50000/100000

Prashant Correa goes all-in from the button and Tarun snap calls to showdown:

Prashant: hkd5

Tarun: d9s9

Community ran hjsjc6hqc3 rewarding the pot to Tarun Goyal as well the trophy. Prashant finishes runner-up taking home Rs 4 Lacs. Tarun bagged the top prize of Rs 635,000.

“I play live very less and so had difficulty keeping track of stack sizes some times….did better in later stages and in the end made soem good calls as well as reads which became the deciding factor. I’m feeling very good after this win and feeling confident for the next events like High Roller and Main Event”, said Tarun after winning the event.

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Nayan Kumar finishes 3rd for Rs 285,000

Level: 26 Blinds:40000/80000/10000

In the preflop action Tarun opens with 200,000 to which Nayan shoves 860,000. Tarun goes into a deep tank and a clock is called. With 15 seconds remaining, Tarun decides to call. At the showdown:

Nayan: hkh4

Tarun: ckh10

Nayan takes the lead on the flop s8h6d4 and h2 comes on the river while tpo the delight of Tarun, c10 comes on river to give him the pot.

Nayan departs in the 3rd place bagging 2.85 Lacs in prize money. Tarun has now a chip lead of 3:1 in the heads up.

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Tarun Goyal leading the Final 3IMG_4004 - Copy

Level: 25 Blinds:30000/60000/5000

Vaibhav Sharma got eliminated in the 5th place bagging Rs 160,000 followed by Manikanta Kona, the player who started the final table in chip lead. Manikanta took home Rs 210,000 finishing 4th in the tournament.

Final 3 players are on a break. Tarun Goyal is leading the final 3 with 1.35 Million in chip count.

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Nayan Kumar goes out in 6th place for Rs 120,000

Level: 23 Blinds:20000/40000/5000

In the preflop action, Nayan Kumar shoved his entire stack with hkcj in hole cards and got called by Tarun holding sqhq. The board didn’t bring any help to Nayan Kumar as he goes out in 6th place.

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Heads-up with Melvin Judah

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IMG_3994 - CopyAdda52 pro Madan Kumar finishes 7th for Rs 95,000

Level: 22 Blinds:15000/30000/3000

Madan shoved 3.5 BB with h8d7 and Praz made the snap call showing c6d6. Board s4h5c3c2s10 gave Praz a straight eliminating  Madan Kumar in 7th place.

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Shaleen Luhadia finishes 8th for Rs 75,000IMG_4016 - Copy

Level: 21 Blinds:10000/20000/3000

Manikanta who is leading the final table battle open preflop to 60,000 to which Shaleen goes all-in with his stack of 105,000. At the showdown:

Manikanta: c1s5

Shaleen: d10c10

The board ran d3h2d4c7hj giving Manikanta a straight to take down the pot and eliminate Shaleen in 8th place. Shaleen took home Rs 75,000 in prize money.

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Heads-up with Sharavan Chhabria

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Nayan Kumar doubles up through Naren

Level: 21 Blinds:10000/20000/3000

Naren opened to 60,000 to which the short stacked Nayan Kumar called all-in. At the showdown:

Naren: d9s9

Nayan: hks5

The dealer brought dkd10s5hjs7 giving Nayan two pairs to collect the pot.

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IMG_4008 - CopyRushil Mitra finishes 9th for Rs 59,000

Level: 21 Blinds:10000/20000/3000

Vaibhav Sharma opens 40,000 to which Rushil shoves his stack of 118,000 preflop. At the showdown:

Vaibhav: d10s10

Rushil: d1dj

Community h4h3c7s6c2 doesn’t bring any help to Rushil and he departs in the 9th place for Rs 59,000 in prize money.

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Final Table formed

Level: 20 Blinds:8000/16000/2000IMG_3975 - Copy

Wilson Yomso got eliminated in the 10th place for Rs 47,000 leaving the remaining 9 players for the final table battle. Here are the final table chip counts:

Seat 1 – Nayan Kumar – 56,000

Seat 2 – Madan Kumar – 206,000

Seat 3 – Manikanta Kona – 531,000

Seat 4 – Shaleen Luhadia – 82,000

Seat 5 – Vaibhav Sharma – 219,000

Seat 6 – Rushil Mitra – 162,000

Seat 7 – Tarun Goyal – 490,000

Seat 8 – Prashant Correa – 519,000

Seat 9 – Naren Prakash – 287,000

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Karan Kakkad (14th), Naveen Tiruvalluri (13th), Abhishek Panda (12th) & Rishi Raj Kapoor (11th)

Level: 20 Blinds:8000/16000/2000

Karan Kakkad got eliminated at 14th with 40,000 followed by Naveen in 13th place for the same prize money. In the next pay jump Abhishek Panda got busted at 12th place with 47,000 prize money.

After a few hands Rishi Raj Kapoor moved all-in preflop and got called by Naren Prakash. At the showdown:

Rishi: d1ck

Naren: h7s7

Community: s5djd7s1d5

Rishi Raj Kapoor got eliminated at 11th position taking home 47,000.

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Sanjay Taneja (17th), Vaibhav Sharma (16th) and Jatin (15th) eliminated

Level: 18 Blinds:5000/10000/1000


3 more eliminations in the tournament brings us down to 14 players. Sanjay Taneja finished 17th in the tournament bagging 33,000 and Vaibhav Sharma finished 16th with 33,000.

Next to depart was Jatin who got involved in a hand against Tarun Goyal. Jatin went all-in preflop with d9 h9 and got called by Tarun holding ckc10. The dealer brought skh6dkh10d10 and Tarun took down the pot, eliminating Jatin in 15th place for 40, 000.

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5 players eliminated in the money

Level: 16 Blinds:3000/6000/500

Vaibhav Anand: 25th – 20,000

Leo Soares: 24th – 20,000

Praful Ladda: 23rd – 20,000

Sheetal Jaglan: 22nd – 20,000

Karan Narang: 21st – 27,000

Masood Shaikh: 20th – 27,000

Sumit Sapra: 19th – 27,000

Siddarth Singhvi: 18th – 33,000

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Raghav Bansal becomes the unlucky bubble

Level: 16 Blinds:3000/6000/500


With the fall of Raghav Bansal, the remaining 25 players are in the money. In the last hand, Raghav was up against Manikanta with ♣J ♠J.

Manikanta showed K J at the showdown. Raghav made a set with J 8 on flop while Manikanta hit the flush eliminating the Raghav as the bubble boy.

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Nitesh Balliyan gets eliminated in a three-way pot

Level: 14 Blinds:1500/3000/500

Nitesh Balliyan goes all-in with ♠4 4 and gets called by 2 opponents:

Opponent 1- ♠Q Q

Opponent 2- ♣K ♠K

Board: ♠A 10

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25.6 Lacs in prize pool; here are the payouts

Level: 14 Blinds:1500/3000/500

The 10K Kickoff event has amassed a prize pool of 2,560,000 tonight.  25 players will be paid with a min-cash of 20,000. The winner tonight will take home 635,000 in top price with the event trophy. Here are the total payouts:

#1  635,000

#2 400,000

#3 285,000

#4 210,000

#5 160,000

#6 120,000

#7 95,000

#8 75,000

#9 59,000

#10-12 47,000

#13-15 40,000

#16-18 33,000

#19-21 27,000

#22-25 20,000

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43 players remaining in the tournament

Level: 13 Blinds:1200/2400/500

The game is getting deeper with 43 players on the 5 tables and an average stack of 52,000. Manikanta K is leading with a stack of over 180,000 chips.

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Shashank Desai doubles up against Vinay Gupta

Level: 12 Blinds:1000/2000/400

In a pre flop action Shashank Desai shoves with 19,000 chips; the opponent tanks for a while and calls.

Shashank Desi: A ♠K

Opponent: A ♣J

Board: 4 3 5 ♣7 8

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Santosh S. eliminated

Level: 9 Blinds:500/1000/100

In a pre flop action Santosh goes all-in A ♠3 and gets called by an opponent who shows ♠K ♣K.

Board: 8 ♣8 ♠7 ♣2

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Kunal Patni gets unlucky with Queens

Level: 9 Blinds:500/1000/100


Kunal Patni jams 35,000 chips with pocket Queens Q ♠Q gets called by an opponent who shows pocket ♣9 ♠9. Kunal gets eliminated with another 9 on the window card.

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94 remaining in the tournament

Level: 9 Blinds:500/1000/100

The 9th level of tournament is in progress and the field of 256 is now down to 94. Some of the major chip counts are:

Shashank Desai – 55,000

Rajat Sharma – 52,600

Tarun Goel – 42,500

Manikanta K. – 175,000

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Kuldeep Eliminated by Manikanta K.

Level: 8 Blinds: 400/800/100

Manikanta K. opens 4,000  and Kuldeep shoves his stacks of 68,800 to which Manikanta K calls. Both players show their cards:

Manikanta K:  ♠J ♣J

Kuldeep: K ♣A

Board: A ♠9 ♠5  ♠6 ♠3

Manikanta K hits flush on the river and wins the big pot.

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OPN Heads-up with Ramesh Rao Thotapalli


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A record breaking attendance – 256

Level: 4 Blinds: 100/200/25

Finally at the end of the first break of the tournament the attendance has reached to a record breaking figure of 256. Its going to be a long night, long grind with unlimited action in the house. Good Luck!!!

IMG_3768 - Copy

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Grand opening of Deltin Poker Tournament powered by

Level: 3 Blinds: 75/150/0

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115 in the game and still counting…

Level: 2 Blinds: 50/100/0

The tournament has got 115 players till now. The notables in the field are Adda52 Pros Kunal Patni and Madan Kumar, Sangeet Mohan, Vikram Kumar, Rajat Sharma, Sumit Sapra, Jasven Saigal, Clawin D’Souza.

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The tournament has begun

Level: 1 Blinds: 25/50/0


With the announcement of “Shuffle up and Deal”, the tournament has begun with 80 players on the table and many others in the registration queue.

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Welcome to DPT 10K Kickoff Live Coverage IMG_20160824_223036_HDR

Hello and welcome everyone, the stage is all set for Deltin Poker Tournament powered by Poker players from all across the country are joining in for the 10K Kickoff No Limit Hold’em Event at 7PM at the Deltin Royale Casino. The tournament brings Rs.10 Lakhs in guaranteed prize pool for a buy-in of Rs.10,000.

The tournament starts with each player getting a stack of 10,000 at 25/50 starting blinds and each level of 25 minutes. A late registration period will be open till the end of first break. The tournament players will also have an option of one re-entry during the same period.

OPN will bring you updates during each DPT event from Deltin Royale Casino. Team OPN will be conducting several in-game contests and rewarding the wining players throughout the series. Additionally, OPN will also interview the tournament players and take media bytes during the event.

Stay tuned-in and good luck everyone!