3 Days Left in Adda52 Cash Game Carnival: 6.5 Lacs Left in Prizes, Where Do you Rank?

It’s the best time to play online cash games and push your ranks in Adda52 Cash Game Carnival, which is going to end on 24th October. With 3 days remaining and non-stop cash action across all stakes, you can take shot at climbing to the top of leaderboard which has 6.5 Lacs in prize money left to be distributed.sept-cash-game-carnival-adda52

The Cash Game Carnival is one of the biggest cash game promotions in India with over 300 players from all across the country are competing in this fiesta to win exciting rewards across a pool of various promotions such as Max Hands Won, Frequently Play Points (FPP), VIP Loyalty Race and several other interesting cash games.

Over 20 lacs in bonus amount was distributed in 3 phases in this edition of Cash Game Carnival, which kicked off on 11th September and will be running till 24th September. With various cash tables of Texas Holdem, Pot Limit Omaha and Crazy Pineapple poker running nonstop, there is something for everyone looking to playing and make big bucks. So push your limits, play big and climb to the top of the leaderboards in remaining 3 days! Let’s have a look at the top 10 on various leaderboards in Adda52 Cash Game Carnival as on 22nd September:

Max Hands Series LeaderBaord

Hundreds of players from all across the country are competing in ‘Max Hands Won’ series for the big prize pool of Rs. 1 Lacs. In Max Hands Won marathon, Ankitjain09 tops the board by winning 4192 hands. He is followed by doodlebug at the second position with 3655 hands. And abhitomar008 holds 10th position with 2005 hands. Have a look at the list of the top 10 players leading the board now.

RANK USERNAME No. of hands won
1 ankitjain09 4192
2 doodlebug 3655
3 sau261 3398
4 aggtarun 3197
5 gameank123 2986
6 anishpatra 2928
7 johar_ 2834
8 lzp96 2230
9 vech 2143
10 abhitomar008 2005

FPP Series LeaderBaord

In Frequent Play Points ( FPP), it is gameank123 who tops the chart with 53835 points. Second on the list is anishpatra with 39740 FPP points, while badtameez_donk sits in the 10th place with 27392 FPP points. Below is the list of the top 10 names leading the board:

1 gameank123 53835
2 anishpatra 39740
3 mitarachi89 37340
4 ankitjain09 37046
5 doodlebug 33039
6 aggtarun 32946
7 lzp96 32354
8 pokemon13 30384
9 johar_ 27741
10 badtameez_donk 27392

Loyalty Race VIP Leaderboard

In Loyalty Race of VIP’s at Cash Game Carnival, gameank123 tops the chart with 1748744 loyalty points, while his fellow aggtarun holds second position with 1678674points. With 560295loyalty points, vikranth_varma remains in the 10 the place. Have a look at the leader-board top 10 of Loyalty Race VIP:

RANK USERNAME Loyalty points
1 gameank123 1748744
2 aggtarun 1678674
3 ankitjain09 1051799
4 mitarachi89 889059
5 pokemon13 865465
6 badtameez_donk 858472
7 anishpatra 842790
8 lzp96 750178
9 doodlebug 668890
10 vikranth_varma 560295