China’s Guo Dong Wins the 2016 APT Macau Main Event

The 2016 APT Macau has finally ended at the Casino Lisboa with China’s poker pro Guo Dong bringing home the first prize payout of HKD 530,000. He outlasted a tough field of 108 players to win the APT Main Event title and first-place prize-money. He entered the Final 8 as one of the chip leads with only Spanish pro Sergio Aido sitting ahead of him. Dong had so many deep runs through his poker career, but this was his first time when he ran deep at the APT main event and eventually stole the show.APT-Macau-2016-Main-Event-Champion-Guo-Dong-1024x678

With his big stack, Dong came strongly and eliminated Hong Kong’s Kevin Tse in 8th place. The next player to fall was Saul Fortea, who was eliminated in the 7th place by UK’s Daniel Tang. Fortea. Joining Kevin Tse was the defending champion Henrik Tollefsen from Norway, who got busted in the 6th place. UK’s poker pro Tang fought well, but was soon eliminated by Hong Kong’s Winfred Yu in the 5th place. Then, Dong bounced back and seized a big pot by eliminating Korea’s Lim Yo Hwan in the 4th place.

The final battle saw a three-handed pot with well-known poker pros Dong, Aido, and Yu fighting it out for the 2016 APT main event title. With Winfred Yu’s early exit, Dong entered heads up match against Spain’s Sergio Aido. He had a big chip stack and Aido needed a good double up, which was denied by Dong, who eventually went on to win the big APT Championship title, earning HKD 530,000 ($68,332).

The heads up round began with Dong holding close to a 2:1 chip advantage. It only took two hands for him to finish off Aido. The winning moment saw Aido limp in, Dong shove his enormous stack, and Aido with the snap-call. Aido held the better hand at first with A♦ K♦ while Dong held A♥ 8♠ however the board ran 3♣ Q♠ 7♦ 8♥ A♠ for a victorious pair to the chip leader.

Here the Payouts of Final 8:

1.Guo Dong – HKD 530,000

2.Sergio Aido – HKD 310,000

3.Winfred Yu – HKD 215,000

4.Lim Yo Hwan-HKD 157,000

5.Daniel Tang -HKD 130,000

6.Henrik Tollefsen- HKD 107,000

7.Saul Oliver Fortea -HKD 88,000

8.Kevin Tse -HKD 74,000