Poker Ranking Update Week 43: GPI, PocketFives & Adda52 POY

The 43rd week of 2016 saw Germany’s super star Fedor Holz still sitting at the top of GPI ranking for a straight 20 weeks with 4,864.27 points. His biggest win came back in July this year when he won the High Roller for One Drop at the WSOP 2016 to earn $ 4,981,775. This time too, he is followed by America’s Nick Petrangelo sitting on second spot with 4,371.91 points. On online poker index in PokectFives world ranking, it is again SixthSenSe19 ((Fabrizio Gonzalez) sitting on top position with 9,432.27 points. On PocketFives Top 10 India, Intervention (Aditya Agarwal) continues to top the chart with 3,519 points. Finally on Adda52 POY Leaderboard, it is yet again bothras holding the first position with 2698 points.

Global Poker Index
With over seven figure online earnings, Germany’s Fedor Holz continues to lead the top 10 GPI rankings with 4,864.27 points. The second and third positions are once again held by the American pros Nick Petrangelo (4,371.91 points) and Jason Mercier (4,303.31 points ). Back in August, Nick Petrangelo won No Limit Hold’em (Event #7) of the EPT Barcelona 2016, wining the first place prize €413,000, while Jason Mercier took down the $10,000 H.O.R.S.E. Championship at the 47th World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2016 back in July this year. He took home $422,874, the first place prize money. While there are no changes in top 3 ranks, Steve O’Dwyer earlier holding 5th position is up on 4th position with 4,231.81 points, while Byron Kaverman, who was holding 4th place last week, has fallen to the 7th position. The last 3 positions remain constant with David Peters (3,963.00 pts),Bryn Kenney (3,946.91 pts) and Dominik Nitsche (3,847.43 pts) holding 8th, 9th and 10th positions respectively. Yet again, American players are dominating the World Top 10 with 8 countrymen making it to top 10.

A Glance at GPI World Top 10:

#1. Fedor Holz 4,864.27 pts
#2. Nick Petrangelo 4,371.91 pts
#3. Jason Mercier 4,303.31 pts
#4. Steve O’Dwyer 4,231.81 pts
#5. Connor Drinan 4,183.95 pts
#6. Anthony Zinno 4,056.54 pts
#7. Byron Kaverman 4,044.55 pts
#8. David Peters 3,963.00 pts
#9. Bryn Kenney 3,946.91 pts
#10. Dominik Nitsche 3,847.43 pts

PocketFives World
With SixthSenSe19 (Fabrizio Gonzalez) still holding the top position ,Bulgaria’s alexd2 ( Alex) earlier sitting on 3rd position has moved up to 2nd position with 8,609 points this week and joaomathias (Joao Mathias Baumgarten) of Brazil, who was holding second place last week, has fallen down to 3rd place. The last 2 positions on PocketFives World Top 10 are changed this time, with Greenstone25 earlier sitting on 10th position moving up to 9th position with 6,994 points and joaosimaobh earlier sitting on 9th position falling down to the 10th place .

A Glance at PocketFives World Top 10:

#1. SixthSenSe19- 9,432.27 pts.
#2. alexd2- 8,609 pts.
#3. joaomathias- 8,565 pts.
#4. C Darwin2 8,266 pts.
#5. lena900- 7,852 pts.
#6. r4ndomr4gs- 7,489 pts.
#7. pleno1 pleno1- 7,323 pts.
#8. 1_conor_b_1- 7,089 pts.
#9. Greenstone25- 6,994 pts.
#10. joaosimaobh- 6,969 pts.

PocketFives India
On PocketFives India Ranking Top 10, West Bengal’s intervention (Aditya Agarwal), who recently won the $18,714 No Limit Hold’em Main Event Championship at the 47th WSOP this year, continues to lead the pack with 3,519 points . He is again followed by Karan Radia on second position with 2,848 points. However, this week saw a couple of changes with keenyle moving up from 8th to the 7th position and AntiloG falling from 7th to 8th position with 1,985 points. The last two positions on PocketFives World Ranking remain unchanged, with riverrag on 9th place with 1,881 points and BigggTymeR on 10th place with 1,803 points.

A Glance at PokcetFives India Top 10:

#1. intervention- 3,519 pts.
#2. Karan Radia- 2,848 pts.
#3. Piyush16- 2,680 pts.
#4. arsenicistheansr- 2,565 pts.
#5. amitshur2984 2,108 pts.
#6. abhi147 2,012 pts.
#7. keenyle 2,009 pts.
#8. AntiloG 1,985 pts.
#9. riverrag 1,881 pts.
#10. BigggTymeR 1, 803 pts.

Adda52 POY
On Adda52 Player of the Year Leaderboard, this week saw bothras still holding the top spot with 2698 points, along with his fellow aggtarun yet again sitting on 2nd place with 2617 points. However, this week saw a couple of interesting changes. Sidddhu, who was on sixth position, has fallen to 7th position with 1900 points and monish1965 with 1917 points has replaced him on 6th position. And rohanrishi sitting on 10th position last week has moved up to 8th position this week with 1831 points . #9 ayush706 earlier holding 8th position has also fallen down to 9th position and #10 bhola earlier holding 9th position have gone down to the bottom this time with 1809 points on the Top 10 of India’s richest online poker Leaderboard.

A Glance at Adda52 POY Leaderboard Top 10:

#1. bothras- 2698 pts.
#2. aggtarun- 2617 pts.
#3. pokemon13- 2192 pts.
#4. ankitjain09- 2117 pts.
#5. badtameez_donk- 1998 pts.
#6. monish1965- 1917 pts.
#7. Sidddhu- 1900 pts.
#8. rohanrishi- 1831 pts.
#9. ayush706- 1814 pts.
#10. bhola- 18 09 pts.