10 Minutes with Abhineet Jain – Resigned from Full Time Job


Abhineet Jain aka pokemon13, one of the prominent players in the Indian poker circuit, has taken a big decision of resigning from his full time job at Tata Motors and investing full time in poker.  A management graduate from XLRI, who has won several online events is also known for high-stakes online PLO cash games. In a span of just 3 years, he has scaled up from a beginner to an established poker player, the journey of which he has mentioned in his blog.

OPN India spoke to Abhineet Jain about his decision and the plans ahead. Here are the excerpts:

What made you take this decision? What all parameters you analysed before quitting the full-time job for poker?

Abhineet – Well, I did not leave my job for poker to be honest. I was planning to change my job since a long time now and since I am doing quite well financially through poker I think I can take a break before switching jobs.

So, what are your poker plans ahead?

Abhineet – I will be putting a lot of volume on Adda52.com and other Indian sites along with focusing on coaching in IndianPokePros. I plan to travel more to improve my live game as well.

How difficult it was to convince your family and friends for this big step?

Abhineet – Surprisingly, it wasn’t as difficult as I had thought partly because my parents are happy as I will be spending more time with them now. Due to my hectic schedule, I haven’t been able to spend any time with my family for all these years.

Now that, you’ll have ample time to devote to this game, which all areas would you like to expand into?

Abhineet – The idea is to win all those satellites on Adda52.com and travel the world and put more volume in live tournaments.

Will you be investing all you time in poker or do you have other plans like business venture?

Abhineet – I am in touch with a couple of friends regarding business ideas but honestly my focus is to spend this time in travelling, learning a couple of languages and a couple of other basic essential life skills.

All the best for your future endeavours..!
Abhineet – Thank you and wish the same.