Poker Ranking Update Week 44: GPI, PocketFives & Adda52POY

The Week 44 of the 2016 once again saw Germany’s Fedor Holz sitting at the top of GPI ranking for a straight 21 weeks now with 4,998.56 points. His biggest win this year came when he claimed the title of the High Roller for One Drop at the WSOP 2016 for $ 4,981,775 in the prize money. Yet again, he is followed by America’s Nick Petrangelo with 4,371.91 points. On PocketFives World Top 10, the first rank is still held by SixthSenSe19 ((Fabrizio Gonzalez) with 8,878 points. On PocketFives Top 10 India, Intervention (Aditya Agarwal) from Darjeeling continues to maintain the top position with 3,225 points. Finally, Adda52 POY Leaderboard has yet again bothras on the top position with 2771 points.

Global Poker Index
In the 44th week of the 2016, it is yet again Germany’s super star Fedor Holz holding the top position with 4,998.56 points among GPI World Top 10. He is followed by America’s Nick Petrangelo (4,371.91 points) who recently won the No Limit Hold’em event of the EPT Barcelona 2016 for €413,000-the first place prize money. The 3rd, 4th and 5th positions are yet again held by Americans, namely Jason Mercier (4,286.55 points), Steve O’Dwyer (4,148.52 points) and Connor Drinan (4,143.17 points) respectively. Sitting on 6th place, it is America’s David Peters with3,994.15 points. David Peters was at 8th position last time, which is this week held by Anthony Zinno who was earlier holding 6th position. Bryn Kenney this time has moved up to 7th position with 3,963.69 points, while last two positions 9th and 10th on the GPI World Top 10 are held by Erik Seidel (3,906.54 points) and Thomas “Kingsofcards” Marchese (3,857.32 points) respectively. Both are new players to make it to the GPI Top 10 this week.

A Glance at GPI World Top 10:
#1.Fedor Holz               4,998.56 pts.

#2.Nick Petrangelo      4,371.91 pts.

#3.Jason Mercier       4,286.55 pts.

#4.Steve O’Dwyer      4,148.52 pts.

#5.Connor Drinan     4,143.17 pts.

#6.David Peters      3,994.15 pts.

#7.Bryn Kenney      3,963.69 pts.

#8.Anthony Zinno    3,913.93 pts.

#9.Erik Seidel        3,906.54 pts.

#10.Thomas “Kingsofcards” Marchese 3,857.32 pts.

PocketFives World

On PocketFives World Top 10, it is yet again SixthSenSe19 (Fabrizio Gonzalez) holding the top position with 9,309.30 points. Bulgaria’s alexd2 earlier sitting on 3rd position holds 2nd position with 8,878 points. #2-alexd2 is then followed by joaomathias on 3rd position with 8,314 points, C Darwin2 on 4th place with 8,254 points and lena900 on 5th position with 8,196 points. The 6th and 7th positions are once again held by r4ndomr4gs with 7,364 points and pleno1 with 7,191 points. Sitting on 8th place is Greenstone25 is with 7,060 points. He was earlier holding 9th position with 6,994 points. Earlier holding 8th position, 1_conor_b_1 has fallen down to 9th place this week with 6,955 points. Finally, the last place in the list is held by PokerKaiser ( 6,904 points), who earlier was sitting on the 12th position.

A Glance at PocketFives World Top 10:

#1.SixthSenSe19 –   9,309.30 pts.

#2-alexd2-         8,878 pts.

#3-joaomathias-    8,314 pts.

#4-C Darwin2-      8,254 pts.

#5.lena900-       8,196 pts.

#6-r4ndomr4gs-    7,364 pts.

#7-pleno1 –       7,191 pts.

#8. Greenstone25-   7,060 pts.

#9. 1_conor_b_1-    6,955 pts.

#10. PokerKaiser-    6,904 pts.

PocketFives India

This week too, West Bengal’s intervention (Aditya Agarwal), who recently won the $18,714 No Limit Hold’em Main Event Championship at the 47th WSOP, is sitting at the top of PocketFives India Top 10. He is once again followed by Karan Radia on 2nd place with 2,839 points, Piyush16 on 3rd position with 2,747 points and arsenicistheansr on 4th spot with 2,558 points. This time, abhi147 with 2,116 points has replaced amitshur2984 in the fifth position.#6.amitshur2984 had fallen down to 6th position. This week, AntiloG who was earlier sitting on 8th position has come down to 9th place with 1,930 points. Finally, sitting on the bottom of the list on 10th position this time is shravanc13 with 1,785 points.

A Glance at PocketFives India Top 10:

#1.intervention-    3,225 pts.

#2.Karan Radia-    2,839 pts.

#3.Piyush16-       2,747 pts.

#4.arsenicistheansr-  2,558 pts.

#5.abhi147-       2,116 pts.

#6.amitshur2984-  2,083 pts.

#7.riverrag-      1,968 pts.

#8.keenyle-      1,932 pts.

#9.AntiloG-      1,930 pts.

#10.shravanc13-  1,785 pts.

Adda52 POY

The Adda52 Player of the Year Leaderboard once again saw bothras dominating online poker scene with 2771 points. He is yet again followed by aggtarun on 2nd position with 2723 points. However, this week saw some new developments. The 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th position are still maintained by pokemon13 (2245 points), ankitjain09 (2181 points), badtameez_donk (2045 points), monish1965 (1987 points), and Sidddhu (1976 points) respectively. However, ayush706 previously on 9th position has moved up to 8th place with 1892 points. And rohanrishi earlier holding 8th position with 1831 points had dropped down to 9th place with 1865 points. Sitting on the 10th place, it is gameank123 with 1854 points. He replaced #10. bhola, who was holding 10th place with 1809 points last week.

A Glance at Adda52 POY Leaderboard Top 10:

#1.  bothras-         2771 pts.

#2.  aggtarun-       2723 pts.

#3.  pokemon13-    2245 pts.

#4.  ankitjain09-    2181 pts.

#5.  badtameez_donk- 2045 pts.

#6.  monish1965-   1987 pts.

#7.  Sidddhu-    1976 pts.

#8.  ayush706-  1892 pts.

#9.  rohanrishi-  1865 pts.

#10.  gameank123-  1854 pts.