Poker Ranking Update Week 47: GPI, Pocket Fives & Adda52 POY

The week 47 in the GPI ranking saw Germany’s Fedor Holz, who hit a world record of staying on the top for consecutive 23 weeks in week 46, sitting on the top with 5,006.22 points.He recently won No Limit Hold’em Super High Roller 8 Handed (Event #16) at EPT Barcelona in August 2016. On PocketFives World Top 10, it is again SixthSenSe19 ((Fabrizio Gonzalez) maintaining his leadership with 9,380.70 points. On PocketFives Top 10 India, it is Intervention (Aditya Agarwal) who dominates the scene, while on Adda52 POY Leaderboard, aggtarun who replaced bothras last week is still holding his first rank with 2965 points. Here is a look at top 10 in the GPI, PocketFives and Adda52Poy ranking:top 10 poker rankings

Global Poker Index

In the GPI ranking this week, there is no change in the top two positions with Fedor Holz still sitting on the top with 5,006.22 points. He is once again followed by America’s Nick Petrangelo with 4,371.91 points. Petrangelo won a No Limit Hold’em (Event #7) at EPT Barcelona in August this year. Devid Peters whose previous rank was 4 has moved up to 3rd place replacing Jason Mercier. Peters won the Aria Super High Roller 13 for $511,970 in Las Vegas on November 19, 2016. Bryn Kenney and Connor Drinan maintain their 5th and 6th rank with 4,049.96 and 3,984.58 points respectively. Sitting on 7th position is Thomas Marchese replacing Justin “ZeeJustin” Bonomo with3,969.04 points. On bottom, Erik Seidel holds 8th rank, while 9th and 10th places are occupied by Justin Bonomo and Dan Smith.

A Glance at GPI World Top 10:

#1. Fedor Holz-     5,006.22 pts

#2. Nick Petrangelo- 4,371.91 pts

#3. David Peters- 4,303.22 pts

#4. Jason Mercier- 4,286.55 pts

#5. Bryn Kenney- 4,049.96 pts

#6. Connor Drinan- 3,984.58 pts

#7. Thomas Marchese- 3,969.04 pts

#8. Erik Seidel-         3,959.20 pts

#9. Justin Bonomo- 3,940.36 pts

#10. Dan Smith- 3,900.04 pts

PocketFives World

On PocketFives World Top 10, there is no change in the top three positions with SixthSenSe19 still sitting on the top with 9,380.70 points, while alexd2 and joaomathias are holding 2nd and 3rd positions respectively with 8,877 and 8,202 points. This time, lena900, who was earlier holding 5th rank ,has moved up to 4th place with 8,063 points, replacing probirs who has fallen down to 5th place with 8,037 points. While C Darwin2 maintains his 6th place with 7,784 points, pleno1 previously holding 8th rank has moved up to 7th place 7,120 points. This week r4ndomr4gs who held 7th place in the last week has fallen down to 9th place with 7,031 points, while jbrown8777 is still on 10th position with 6,841 points.

A Glance at PocketFives World Top 10:

#1. SixthSenSe19-  380.70 pts.

#2. alexd2-       8,877 pts.

#3. joaomathias-   8,202 pts.

#4. lena900 –      8,063 pts.

#5. probirs-       8,037 pts.

#6. C Darwin2-     7,784 pts.

#7. pleno1 –       7,120 pts.

#8. Greenstone25-  7,064 pts.

#9. r4ndomr4gs –   7,031 pts.

#10. jbrown8777 –  6,841 pts.

PocketFives India

This week too, there is no change in the leading 5 positions with Aditya Agarwal ( intervention) still holding top position with 3,436 points. He is far ahead of his close competitors- Piyush16 sitting on 2nd position with 2,692 points and Karan Radia holding 3rd place with 2,690 points. On 4th and 5th place , it is still arsenicistheansr (2,645 points) and Goforitrejam (2,213 points). However, the 6th place this time is held by riverrag, who has replaced abhi147 with 2,039 points. On the bottom, AntiloG who was sitting on 9th position last week has come down to 10th place with 1,807 points this week.

 A Glance at PocketFives India Top 10:

#1. intervention- 3,436 pts.

#2. Piyush16- 2,692 pts.

#3. Karan Radia- 2,690 pts.

#4. arsenicistheansr- 2,645 pts.

#5. Goforitrejam- 2,213 pts.

#6. riverrag- 2,039 pts.

#7. abhi147- 2,008 pts.

#8. amitshur2984- 1,941 pts.

#9. shravanc13- 1,853 pts.

#10. AntiloG- 1,807 pts.

Adda52 POY

This week on Adda52 Poy Leaderboard saw the seven leading positions unchanged. The first position is still held by aggtarun with 2965 points with bothras (2961), ankitjain09 (2327), pokemon13 (2320) and badtameez_donk (2202) occupying 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th places respectively on the board. There is no change in 6th and 7th positions, as they are still occupied by Sidddhu (2154) and monish1965 with 2096 points respectively. However, this week saw a couple of interesting changes with ayush706 falling to the 10th place with 2014 points and gameank123 moving up to 8th place with 2039 points.

There is an interesting competition brewing up between aggtarun & bothras (difference of 4 points) for the top place, ankitjain09  & pokemon13 (difference of 7 points) for the third place and  monish1965, gameank123, Amit030 and ayush706 in the bottom four places of the top 10.

A Glance at Adda52 POY Leaderboard Top 10:

#1. aggtarun-    2965 pts.

#2. bothras-    2961 pts.

#3. ankitjain09-    2327 pts.

#4. pokemon13-  2320 pts.

#5. badtameez_donk-  2202 pts.

#6. Sidddhu-    2154 pts.

#7. monish1965-  2096 pts.

#8. gameank123-  2039 pts.

#9. Amit030-    2028 pts.

#10. ayush706-    2014 pts.