Adda52 Player of the Year ( POY) 2016 Concludes with Tarun Goyal as the Winner; Top 15 Get 39 Lacs

India’s largest poker site launched its “Player of the Year Leaderboard” from January’16 to December’16 to track and measure performances of poker players across different games & tournaments and finally reward the top performing and consistent players. The POY Leaderboard 2016, which has been running successfully throughout the year saw a participation of over 18,000 poker players and has finally concluded this month with top 15 players winning Rs 39 lacs in prize money.552x312_poywinners

A Glance at the Winners of Adda52 POY 2016

The ‘Player of the Year Leaderboard’ by has been exciting with many players dipping and jumping on the Leaderboard. Eventually, it was the former DPT 10K Kickoff champion Tarun Goyal who took down the title, earning 3501 points for his performances across various cash games and tournaments. He earned a whopping Rs.11.4 Lacs in the prize money. Deepak Bothra finished as a runner-up with 3436 points, earning Rs.7.2 in prize money. Siddarth Singhvi (badtameez_donk) ended it up finishing in the 3rd place with 2722 points. He earned Rs. 5.2 lacs for his efforts. A total 39 lacs in prize money was distributed among the top 15 players to reward and motivate them for their performances and points they earned by playing and competing via various leaderboard games.

Here Are the Details of Payouts:

#1- aggtarun – 11.4 Lacs

#2- bothras – 7.2 Lacs

#3- badtameez_donk – 5.2 Lacs

#4- ankitjain09 – 4.1 Lacs

#5- pokemon13 – 3 Lacs

#6- gameank123 – 2.2 Lacs

#7- Amit030 – 1.5 Lacs

#8- Sidddhu – 1.2 Lacs

#9- monish1965 – 45K

#10- Peacelover – 60K

#11- bhola – 30K

#12- rohanrishi – 60K

#13- ayush706 – 50K

#14- homelite – 25K

#15- doodlebug – 50K

2016 has been a very special time for Indian poker players, as launched its POY Leaderboard. It was the first time when a poker site launched the POY Leaderboard in India to reward its players for their talent, skills and consistency. This POY Leaderboard had over Rs. 55 lacs in prize money, which was distributed on monthly and yearly basis among the top players based on their performance and points they earned via various leaderboard games. The POY Leaderboard comprised of both cash games as well as tournaments to award points and prizes to the top performing players. Adda52 Millions, PMT, IOPT and Wednesday 50K Prime were the key tournaments, which were considered to award points to the players. To measure the performance of players in cash games, the POY Leaderboard had exciting promotions such as Max Hands Won, FPP ( Frequent Play Points), etc., to award players with points for winning maximum hands and playing maximum hands respectively.

The ‘2016 Player of the Year Leaderboard’ by has been exciting with various players jumping up and down. We saw some big jumpers and dippers on the leaderboard across the various cash games and tournaments listed under the leaderboard. Now that 2016 POY Leaderboard has been a big success, continues its ‘Player of the Year Race for 2017’ with some bigger prizes. The details will be coming up very soon. Stay tuned in here to watch out for 2017 POY details.

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