APT Finale 2016 Main Event:India’s Praveen Dwarkanath Leads 48 Survivors of Day 2

The action at the APT Finale Macau 2016 resumed with 156 players returning for Day 2 of the Main Event at the Crystal Palace in Casino Lisboa. The day was full of gruelling action with lots of amazing moments. At the time of bagging however, just 48 players remained in the field with India’s Praveen Dwarkanath sitting on top with  761,000 in chips. Main-Event-Day-3-Chip-Leader-1024x693

Dwarkanath entered Day 2 as one of the chip leaders, sitting on 6th place in chips. As the day progressed, he played well and maintained his stack, gaining and losing on several occasions. Towards the end of the day, he began to build up a huge stack, moving on to the top. He won a big pot against Hong Kong’s Yung Pui Suen and then again he won with his flush against China’s Wei Guoliang. Finally, he secured the top spot when he eliminated China’s Wei Li with a straight over a set. Following him was China’s Lu Yunye who had below average stack at the start of the day but rose to a massive 653,000. Finally, sitting on the 3rd place in chips was China’s Chen Xiu with 570,000 in chips. Xiu played very aggressively at his table and  eliminated several top players to earn him a big stack in the end.

Another player who finished the day with a large pile of chips was Singapore’s Terminator. He was the only player who eliminated two players simultaneously, and he did it two times. The interesting hand came when he cracked Yuri Ishida’s pocket aces. Although his stack moved up and down drastically through the day, he finished with a massive 541,000 in chips. Yet another Indian players who still remains in the contention is Madan Kumar. He is sitting 15th place with 328,000 in chips, which means he still has a chance to rise up and win a title.

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2016 APT Finale Macau Main Event Day 1A: Singapore’s Terminator T Leads the Pack

The Day 1A of the APT Finale saw 104 entrants into the festival’s highlight tournament, the HKD11,000 buy-in Main Event. After 8 scheduled rounds, the Day 1A closed down with Singapore’s Terminator T sitting on top with 449,000 in chips. He was followed by America’s Cheng Xiong who amassed 264,500 in chips for the day. The Day 1A saw many notable poker faces at the felt including the current APT Player of the Year leader Iori Yogo,Poker King Cup President Winfred Yu, Japanese pro Tetsuya Tsuchikawa, and the APT regulars Yohn Paredes, Jun Funabashi, Yoichi Uesugi and Yuichi Fujiya. Luckily, all of them survived the day.

The Day 1A saw however Chinese players dominating the scene. Here are the chip counts:

  1. Terminator T -Singapore- 449,000 chips
  2. Cheng Xiong- United States- 264,500 chips.
  3. Xixiang Luo- China –    223,400 chips
  4. Winfred Yu-Hong Kong-   192,800 chips
  5. Xiaoming Cen- China-     185,000 chips
  6. Wei Guoliang- China-     180,000 chips.

Edward Pastoll wins the High Rollers event on Day 1A

Running alongside with APT Finale Main Event was the High Roller event where South Africa’s Edward Pastoll emerged victor to win HKD362,800 the top prize. The event began with 29 players creating a prize pool of HKD843,900. The action resumed with 9 players  where China’s Devan Ying Tang led his opponents, while Pastoll was sitting on the bottom. Finally, it was Pastoll who won a three-way showdown. His ladies Qh-Qc ran well against Ks-10d and Ah-10c on a board of 7c-Qd-9s-5d-7s to give him a trip to win High Roller title.


1st Edward Pastoll – South Africa – HKD362,800
2nd Devan Ying Tang – China – HKD227,900
3rd Nick Cho Wong – Hong Kong – HKD143,500
4th Takashi Ogura – Japan – HKD109,700

APT Finale Macau Main Event Day 1B, Korea’s Lee Saehoon conquers

The APT Finale Macau 2016 was packed field with a turnout of 169 entrants on Day1B at the Crystal Palace in Casino Lisboa. After the scheduled 8 rounds of the play, the room was still buzzing with action with 105 players surviving from the day. To finish the day as the chip lead was Korea’s Saehoon Lee with a large stack of 293,200. Finishing up as the second highest chip lead was another Korean player, Lim Yo Hwan aka Boxer, with 214,100 in chips and sitting on the third position was India’s Praveen Dwarkanath who held 200,600 in chips.

The Day 1B saw many notables players in the field including reigning champion, China’s Dong Guo, Singapore’s Alex Lee, Guam’s Toniyoung Degracia, Taiwan’s Pete Yen Han Chen, Japan’s Gerard Bringley, Yuri Ishida, Jack En-Ching Wu, and current leader of the APT Regional POY 2016 Korea, SJ Kim. While several notables make it to Day 2, several others got eliminated in the process including India’s Dhaval Mudgal whose bad run continued once again. He showed his emotions via Facebook saying, “Mp opens 1100 at 250/500 we defend K10dd from sb bb also calls. Flop is 10 6 5 two diamonds we check raise his bet of 1500 to 4100 he calls. Turn 9 we bet 5500 he jams for 21k effective we call he shows 77 river 8”.

Korea’s SJ Kim wins No Limit Hold’em 1 event for HKD58,200

Running along with Main Event Day 1B of APT Finale was the No Limit Hold’em 1 event that began with 50 players. For Day 1B, just 8 players returned to battle it out for HKD 145,500 in prize pool. Finally, topping the chart was Korea’s SJ Kim, who defeated Hong Kong’s Alan Wu at the heads up round to claim the HKD 58,200 first place prize and along with the trophy. Alan Wu ,on the other hand, ended up claiming the HKD 36,400 for his runner up finish.


1st SJ Kim – Korea – HKD58,200

2nd Alan Wu – Hong Kong – HKD36,400

3rd Ku Isayama – Japan – HKD21,800

4th Kai Paulsen – Norway – HKD16,000

5th Lai Heng Tse – Hong Kong – 13,100