Spartan Poker Primary Website Displays a Cautionary Notice; Site Shifted to New URL

Dec 04 | It was a confusing start to Sunday for many poker players as the primary website of Spartan Poker – started displaying a notification banner. The content of the banner suggests it to be coming from the Team PokerGuru.spartan-poker

The notification text reads:

Please note that PokerGuru has no control over the day-to-day operations or finances of Spartan Poker. Please exercise caution and PokerGuru has no responsibility for player funds kept on Spartan Poker.

PokerGuru will be initiating legal action against Sameer Rattonsey, Amin Rozani, Rajeev Kanjani, Rohit Bhalla, Peter Abraham and Quadrific Media Pvt Ltd.

PokerGuru Will Be Launching A NEW and IMPROVED Spartan Poker Soon. Keep watching this space for more updates!

Amin Rozani, the Managing Director at Spartan Poker said, “It’s just a few alphabets change in the domain and the company is running as usual. There’s no substance in the notification post. It’s just a misuse of Spartan Property.”

Meanhwile, the poker company is operational at the new url – Most of the players had noticed it earlier that the website’s URL was getting redirected. It was anticipated to be a technical move.

Spartan Poker was started with collaboration between Team IPC and PokerGuru. In the current scenario, PokerGuru appears no longer the part of administration with today’s abrupt public notice on the older website.

When contacted for clarification, Team PokerGuru said, “All clarifications will be posted on the website – in due course.”