Deltin Poker Tournament Announces the DPT Player of the Year (POY) Award 2017

The Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) has announced the DPT Player of the Year ( POY) 2017, which will come with the biggest prize for the player who eventually emerges as the ‘Player of the Year’ after the end of 2017. 552x312_dpt (1)The Deltin Poker Tournament is one of India’s biggest and richest poker festivals that features some big money poker tournaments with whopping prize pools. The festival runs across 5 days and features a variety of exciting poker events, including Deepstack, Highroller and Bounty events. To the delight of the live poker players in India, the Deltin Poker Tournament has announced the DPT Player of the Year Leaderboard 2017, which is set to reward top performing players with attractive prizes for their superb performances and the points they score across the DPT leaderboard events in the year 2017.

The yearly leaderboard of the DPT is seen as a big opportunity for all live poker players in the country, as they will be able to compete and win extra some prizes through this leaderboard. All DPT Leaderboards feature 5 lacs in prizes, which will be given as instant bonus by India’s largest poker site to motivate players to improve their skills and perform better. The 5 lac prize money will be distributed among the top performers. However, the player who ultimately wins the DPT Player of the Year title at the end of 2017 will also get 5 lacs extra in prize money, plus a beautiful bracelet and the coveted Player of the Year trophy.

The Deltin Poker Tournament ( DPT) powered by has always provided enticing gaming opportunities for the live poker players. The DPT Player of the Year Leaderboard is a reward as well as recognition for their consistent performance and the loyalty shown towards the game of poker.

The race for the ‘DPT Player of the Year ( POY) 2017’ has begun with Delhi’s Emraan Khan topping the DPT Feb’ 2017 leaderboard with 238 LB points and Manoj Pentakota finishing as runner-up with 222 LB points. Emraan won the Main Event for Rs. 2,835,000, while Manoj shipped the High Roller for Rs. 3,300,000. In addition to the prize money they won, they also won attractive prizes for coming on top of the DPT Feb’ 2017 Leaderboard. So, play hard and climb up the prestigious DPT Leaderboard 2017 and win attractive prizes along with the coveted Player of the Year ( POY) Trophy. Good luck!