Not Just 1 Crore GTD, DOPT Tournaments Promise Enhanced Game Play Experience

 After the grand success of the Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) in February, India’s largest poker site is set to reward online poker experience of poker players with DOPT, an online version of DPT with a whopping Rs. 10 million in the guaranteed prize pool. Running from 23rd -27th March, this exclusive series features a 20 Lac High Roller, which is an initiative to support the cause of World for All-a Mumbai-based animal welfare organization dedicated to helping animals in leading better lives. Interestingly, DOPT also has a Rs. 1 Lac DOPT Leaderboard to reward top performers across the series.DOPT-OPN-552x312A Look at Five Biggest Events

DOPT series has something for everyone with a total of 34 online events in varied interesting formats. Here is a look at the five biggest events of the series, which have been kept rake-free for all players:

1.DOPT 40 Lac Millions (ME)– This is the biggest event on 26th March with a beefy Rs. 40 lacs in GTD for a buy-in of Rs. 14,000. Poker players will get 30,000 starting stack at 50/100 blinds. It will have a deep structure and each level of 15 minutes. A late registration will be allowed for about 150 minutes.

2.DOPT 20 Lac High Roller– A charity tourney to be played on 6-max table for an enhanced game play experience with 300BB stack and a deep structure. The tournament kicks off from 24th March and boasts of Rs. 20 lacs in guaranteed prize pool. Players can enter this event with a buy-in of Rs. 22,000.

3.DOPT Mini Millions– The best re-buy+add-on tournament on 25th March with Rs. 10 lacs in the GTD at just Rs. 5000 buy-in. Players can re-buy till 8th level in the tournament and take add-on thereafter.

4.DOPT 5 Lac Blaze- Starting 23rd March, this is the biggest event on Day 1 of the DOPT, which brings Rs. 5 lacs in prize pool for a small buy-in of Rs. 2500. Players will get a starting stack of 150BB and re-buys will be allowed till 9th level. It also features a late registration allowed for 40 minutes only.

5.DOPT 5 Lac PLO Showdown– The DOPT series climaxes with a PLO tournament on Monday night,27th March, which brings Rs. 5 lacs in prize pool at a buy-in of Rs.5000. Players will start with a stack of 10,000 at 25/50 blinds and each level will be of 10 minutes. Re-buys will remain open till 10th level.

The Excitement Doesn’t End Here!

  • DOPT 85K Kickoff-a tournament that begins the festivities of DOPT at 1:30 PM on Thursday, 23rd March. It is a Rs.85,000 GTD event with a Rs. 550 buy-in with 2 re-entries allowed.
  • DOPT 100K Blast-a new tournament in 8:30 PM slot with Rs. 1 lac in guarantee on four days of the series. Every day, it will have different formats such as Re-entry, PLO, Bounty, and Re-buy.
  • DOPT Crazy 4– a poker tournament of buy-in Rs. 444 every day across the series at 4 PM. It brings a variety of formats and a prize pool of 65,000.
  • DOPT50K DeepStack Turbo, a Rs. 350 buy-in tournament in turbo format with 200BB starting stack to be played at 1:30 PM on Friday and Sunday.
  • DOPT 50K Turbo-Make quick money with a turbo tourney at 11:30 PM on all five days of the series. It is a re-buy + add-on tournament wherein players can enter with just Rs. 250 buy-in.

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