Meet Vidwath Shetty- the Champion of DPT 100K High Roller April 2017

The DPT 100K High Roller running from 22nd April to 23rd April at Deltin Royale Goa was a freeze-out event with a guaranteed prize pool of a whopping INR 1 Crore. This event drew a total of 122 entrants across 2days-Day1 & Day2. Eventually, the man who emerged the champion was Vidwath Shetty from Bangalore. He took down the High Roller for a huge INR 36.23 lacs along with the beautiful DPT trophy. At the final table, he defeated the toughest player Aditya Sushant in the heads-up game to claim his first DPT High Roller title, wining his biggest prize money across DPT April edition.-VIDWATH

On the final hand of the tournament, Aditya had Ah-4h and Vidwath held Ad-9s. Both players had Aces but Vidwath finally took down the High Roller title with a better kicker. Before this win, Vidwath also claimed the DPT 10K Kickoff title for INR 427000. OPN India spoke to him about his big win in the 100K High Roller event. Here are the excerpts:

 Hi Vidwath, first of all congratulations for winning the biggest prize pool event of the DPT- 100K High Roller! For our readers who don’t know much about you, could you introduce yourself and tell us how you got into poker?

 Vidwath Shetty -I am from Bangalore and I got into poker initially in my college days when I was pursuing my engineering degree. Initially, I started playing Texas Hold’em poker with my friends, but later on I moved into professional poker. It has been great going and I have been playing and enjoying poker since the last 4 years.

 Which format do you prefer- online or live?

 Vidwath Shetty-I play a lot more online, but I prefer live poker.

 Which Websites do you prefer to play online poker?

 Vidwath Shetty- I prefer to play on Pokerbazi and among Indian poker sites. 

 Coming back to DPT 100K High Roller, how does it feel to claim your first DPT High Roller title?

 Vidwath Shetty -It feels great and I am quite happy after winning such a big tournament.

 What extra efforts did you put to win DPT High Roller? What do you think was your turning point in this tournament?

 Vidwath Shetty- I waited for the correct spots and a couple of well-timed bluffs which helped me to cruise my way to the top.

 You had a heads-up battle with Aditya Sushant. How was your heads-up battle? Could you please share the final hand you won?

 Vidwath Shetty-It was indeed a tough battle. Aditya Sushant is always one of the toughest opponents at the table. I won with Ace high. I had A-9 and Aditya held A-4.

 Finally, what are your future plans? Any set goals after DPT?

 Vidwath– Looking forward to playing the WSOP (World Series of Poker) ahead.