APT Philippines: India’s Aditya Sushant Among Top 10 Players Entering Day 2 of APT Main Event

With the APT Main Event entering final stage, the APT Championships Philippines 2017 is now deep into its 12-day schedule. The past 2 days saw a gruelling action with a record-breaking 442 hopefuls entering the APT Main Event from the combined starting flights-Day 1A & Day1B.

The Day1A attracted a huge 170 entries. Bagging the chip lead on Day 1A end was Germany`s Andre Peh with 183,625 chips, while India’s Aditya Sushant was sitting on 3rd position with 124,750 in chips. The Day 1B of the APT Main Event proved even bigger and attracted a total of 272 entries. By the Day1B end, 150 players remained in the field and it was Filipino pro-Euryd Rivera who topped the field with 137,550 chips.APT MAIN EVENT

With an entry fee of USD 1,100, the prize pool for the APT Main Event has climbed to a mighty USD 428,740. The man who emerges champion in this event will be entitled to ship in the lion share of USD 105,530.

The Day2 of the APT Main Event today will see 240 players return to the felts, 90 of them coming from Day 1A and 150 from Day 1B. Among those returning for Day 2 play today, India’s Aditya Sushant is sitting at 8th place with 124,750 in chips. Here is the list of top 10 players who will represent different nations:

 Top 10 players entering Day 2:

1 – Andre Peh – Germany – 183,625

2 – Euryd Rivera – Philippines – 137,550

3 – Asakura Yasayuki – Japan – 133,925

4 – Daryl Green – England – 131,700

5 – Haibo Jiang – China – 130,300

6 – Jeffrey Maiden (Rex) – USA – 129,775

7 – Haresh Sn – Singapore – 126,800

8 – Aditya Sushant – India – 124,750

9 – Ha Duong – Vietnam – 120,900

10 – Annie Bordallo – Guam – 115,625

Aditya Sushant has been in big headlines for the past few weeks. He grabbed a huge media attention when he won the DPT 15K PLO Event for INR 476950 and finished runner-up in the DPT 100K High Roller for INR 2294000 last month at DPT April edition which took place from 19th to 24th April 2017.