DOPT Season 2 Update: Rohit ‘tentop’ Bhalla Wins Main Event;Raj ‘phanthom’ S Claims High Roller

India’s largest poker site-Adda52’s flagship tournament series i.e. Deltin Online Poker Tournament’s (DOPT) second season has been a grand success with impressive fields across various events. The 5-day series featuring a total of 34 exciting tournaments kicked off on 25th May last week and has already crowned many champions till now. However, it is Rohit ‘tentop’ Bhalla who has emerged the biggest winner. He took down DOPT Millions- Main Event for a hefty INR 1080000 yesterday after defeating ‘ayush706’ in heads-up. Deltin Online Poker Tournament also featured a special High Roller on 26th May wherein Raj ‘phanthom’ S took down the title for an impressive INR 640640 in the prize money.DOPT-Winner-552x312

A Look at DOPT Millions- Main Event

The biggest event on DOPT schedule was Millions-Main Event that featured a whopping INR 40 lacs in total GTD. The event took place on 28th May and attracted a total of 212 entries, including 32 re-entries. After a tough battle of more than 8 hours, it was Rohit ‘tentop’ Bhalla who took down the event, winning his largest cash of INR 1080000 on In heads-up, he defeated Ayush ‘ayush706’ Munot who won INR 680000 for finishing 2nd in the event. In total, 18 players paid out in with a min-cash of INR 40000 going to ‘mitulmehta’ who eliminated ‘chetraj1000’ in the 19th place. Aside from the top prize, the winner ‘tentop’ also claimed Goa play & stay package.

On the final hand of the tournament at 25,000/50,000 blinds, ‘ayush706’ raised the flop Js-2h-3h to 247500 and ‘tentop’ moved all-in for 3818486. Finally, ‘ayush706’ tank-called the action. The turn and river cards were 4d and 5s. At showdown, ‘ayush706’ showed Ks-Jc and ‘tentop’ flipped Jh-5h. While both players hit a pair of Jacks on the board, ‘tentop’ won the title with two pairs of Jacks and Fives.

A Look at DOPT High Roller Event

Catering to the high roller lovers in India, the Deltin Online Poker Tournament featured DOPT High Roller, a special event on 26th May which featured INR 20 Lac in the total prize pool guarantee. The event saw a total turn out of 91 entries and outlasting them was Raj ‘phanthom’ S. He came out very strongly and eventually defeated Yash ‘marvadilonda’ Brijwasi in heads-up and a field of 90 entries to take down the coveted title for an impressive INR 640640. ‘marvadilonda’ won a cool INR 390390 for his runner-up finish. The event saw a total of 9 players cashing out of INR 2002000 in the total prize pool with a min-cash of INR 50050 going to pomfret1989 who knocked out ‘runez21’ in 10th place. Along with the top prize in this event, Raj ‘phanthom’ S also won Goa play & stay package.

On the last hand of the event that began at 10000/20000 blinds, the small blind ‘marvadilond’ held 7h-5d and the big blind ‘phanthom’ had Ah-5s. The final board was 5h-7d-2c-Kh-As. On the board till the flop, it was ‘marvadilond’ who led the fight with two pairs, but the river card Ace changed the game and gave ‘phanthom’ two higher pairs to defeat ‘marvadilond’ in the heads-up game and win the 2nd biggest title of the DOPT series.

Upcoming Events 

The Deltin Online Poker Tournament concludes today with several amazing tournaments lined up for the next few hours. The biggest event of the final day will be 5 Lac PLO Showdown, a special event which brings PLO enthusiasts an opportunity to win INR 5 lacs in GTD for a normal buy-in of INR 5000. The second big event for today will be DOPT Monday Monster at 9:30 PM wherein players can expect to win INR 250000 in the total prize pool guarantee. Players looking for small-buy-in events can take part in the DOPT 66K Crazy 4 at 4 PM and expect to win INR 66,000 in the total GTD. Up next, they can also compete in DOPT 100K Blast Bounty at 8:30 and battle it out to win from a INR 1 lacs in GTD.