Poker Ranking Update Week 19: GPI, Pocket Fives & Adda52 POY

In GPI world ranking, there is no big change this week and Nick Petrangelo still rules at the top with 3,525.80 points. In PocketFives world ranking, it is again Sweden’s lena900 who tops the leaderboard with 9,317.11 points. In PocketFives India ranking, intervention continues to dominate with 3,965 points. There is a tough battle going on for the Adda52 POY race with VasuShrest leading the fray with 2219 points.

Here is a quick look at the top 10 players in the GPI, PocketFives and Adda52 POY rankings:top-10-poker-rankings

Global Poker Index

In the GPI ranking this week, there is no change and Nick Petrangelo from the United States still tops the chart with 3,525.80 points. Recently, he finished as runner-up for $ 63,782 in the € 5,200 No Limit Hold’em -Six-Max(Event 69) at PokerStars Championship, Monte Carlo. He also final-tabled in the € 25,500 No Limit Hold’em – Eight Max Shot Clock (Event 47) at PokerStars Championship, Monte Carlo, finishing 9th for $ 64,690. He has been on the top spot for the consecutive 6 weeks now. His best live score is $1,015,335, while his all time money list goes up to a whopping $8,621,543.

Chasing Petrangelo on 2nd place is another well-known US player David Peters with 3,487.01 points. His best live cash includes $2,309,000, while his all time money list touches around $16,096,831. His best cash came when he recently finished 4th for €630,600 in the Super High Roller Eight Max (Event 15) at PokerStars Championship, Carlo Casino.The German superstar Fedor Holz who dominated GPI ranking for the major part of the year 2016 is sitting on 3rd position with 3,450.90 points this week.Bryn Kenney, Justin “ZeeJustin” Bonomo and Jason Mercier hold 4th, 5th and 6th positions in GPI world ranking, while on the bottom it is Rainer Kempe on 9th place along with Jason Koon on 10th spot.

 A Glance at GPI World Top 10:

#1. Nick Petrangelo – 3,525.80 pts.

#2. David Peters   3,487.01 pts.

#3.  Fedor Holz 3,450.90 pts.

#4. Bryn Kenney     3,368.67 pts.

#5. Justin “ZeeJustin” Bonomo – 3,314.73 pts.

#6. Jason Mercier     3,218.68 pts.

#7.  Adrian Mateos   3,147.51 pts.

#8.  Steve “Mango” O’Dwyer  3,116.05 pts.

#9. Rainer Kempe   3,100.83 pts.

#10. Jason Koon   3,090.33 pts.

PocketFives World

The top spot in the World PocketFives world rankings this week is yet again held by Sweden’s lena900 who recently won $1,131 at Hot $44, $25K Gtd. Back in 2011, he final-tabled an FTOPS tournament in  for $86,000 and took 2nd place in an FCOOP tournament in October 2013 for $82,000. He also won the PartyPoker $250K Sunday in 2011 for $50,000.The man ranked 2nd worldwide is Fabrizio Gonzalez (SixthSenSe19) of Uruguay who won the PokerStars WCOOP NLHE Heads-Up event and placed 2nd in the WCOOP 2nd Chance event for $120,000 and $95,000 in September ’10. In October ’10. C Darwin2 and inhoo maintain 3rd and 4th place, while PokerKaiser who previously held 6th position has climbed up to 5th position with 7,812 points. girafganger7 who held 5th position last week has fallen down to 6th place with 7,784 points after getting beaten by girafganger7. At the bottom, there is no change in the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th positions, as these are still held by Ariados, 1_conor_b_1, r4ndomr4gs and pappadogg.

A Glance at PocketFives World Top 10:

#1.lena900 – 9,317.11 pts.

#2.SixthSenSe19 – 8,425 pts.

#3.C Darwin2 – 8,319 pts.

#4. inhoo – 8,031 pts.

#5.PokerKaiser – 7,812 pts.

#6.girafganger7 – 7,784 pts.

#7. Ariados – 7,244 pts.

#8. 1_conor_b_1 – 7,076 pts.

#9. r4ndomr4gs – 7,069 pts.

#10. pappadogg – 6,764 pts.

 PocketFives India

Moving on to Pocket Fives India ranking, it is still Aditya Agarwal (intervention) from the city of joy- Calcutta in West Bengal who leads the way with 3,965 points. Aditya has won several big money events including the Full Tilt $40k Guaranteed for $31,700 and the Stars $100 Rebuy for another $26k. He also won the Full Tilt $1k Monday for over $57,000. His latest cash includes $477, which he won at SCOOP-13-H: $530 NLHE [3-Max, Turbo, Zoom, Progressive KO], $300K Gtd. Aditya is followed by Shravan Chhabria (shravanc13) at number 2 position with 2,851 points. The 3rd, 4th and 5th places are occupied by xmmukesh ( 2,757 points), Goforitrejam ( 2,555 points) and Goforitrejam (2,537 points). At the bottom, we have arsenicistheansr, BigggTymeR and Piyush16 on 8th, 9th and 10th places.

A Glance at PocketFives India Top 10:

#1.intervention – 3,965 pts.

#2.shravanc13 – 2,851 pts.

#3.xmmukesh – 2,757 pts.

#4.Goforitrejam – 2,555 pts.

#5.Karan Radia – 2,537 pts.

#6.armaan007 – 2,508 pts.

#7.indiandurr – 2,469 pts.

#8.arsenicistheansr – 2,417 pts.

#9.BigggTymeR – 2,222 pts.

#10.Piyush16 – 2,073 pts.

Adda52 POY

This week on Adda52 POY Leaderboard, it is VasuShrest who leads the way with 2219 points. He is just 82 points ahead of the runner-up rohanrishi holding the 2nd spot with 2137 points. The 3rd place on the leaderboard is held by no other than the well-known Tarun Goyal (aggtarun) who is trailing rohanrishi with 363 points, as he currently holds 1774 points. The 4th, 5th and 6th positions are occupied by sa321in ( 1729 points), Loveleensingh ( 1704 points) and runez21 (1614). There is a tough fight going on for the 6th spot between runez21 (1614) and gameank123 (1605) who is just trailing with 9 points. Again, there is an interesting competition running between TEAMfromHELL (1487)and smallboy (1432) with the latter trailing with 55 points. Finally, sitting at the bottom is potpoker with 1303 points.

 A Glance at Adda52 POY Leaderboard Top 10:

#1.VasuShrest – 2219 pts.

#2.rohanrishi – 2137 pts.

#3.aggtarun – 1774 pts.

#4.sa321in – 1729 pts.

#5.Loveleensingh – 1704 pts.

#6.runez21 – 1614 pts.

#7. gameank123 – 1605 pts.

#8.TEAMfromHELL -1487 pts.

#9.smallboy -1432 pts.

#10.potpoker -1303 pts.