Brings Back The Thrill of Card Chase with 2 Lac Jackpot

Following the success of its first Card Chase, India’s largest poker has brought back the thrill of Card Chase, thus providing players a wonderful opportunity to win amazing challenges and big rewards.card chase

Card Chase will give players a chance to complete their daily challenges starting 11th June to win from 2.5K everyday from 11th to 24th June & also stand a chance to win 2 Lac Jackpot. Players can now register for the Card Chase challenge, making use of the following deposit codes from 7th to 10th June:

CHASE45 10000 – 19999 10% | Max Limit 1000 35% | Max Limit 3500
CHASE60 20000 – 39999 15% | Max Limit 3000 45% | Max Limit 9000
CHASE75 40000 – 79999 25% | Max Limit 10000* 50% | Max Limit 20000
CHASE90 80000 & above 40% | Max Limit 32000** 50% | Max Limit 40000

Running from 11th June to 24th June, Card Chase is a 14-day challenge in which each player will be given two hole cards to complete the daily challenge. Players will have to use one or both cards a time or same time to win a hand to complete the challenge for the day and win their share from the specified prizes. The Card Chase will culminate with Three-day VIP loyalty conversion wherein players will be able to convert their VIP loyalty points earned from 27th June to 30th June in the ratio of 1:25. Given below are the details:

>50K &< = 1 Lac 50% Top 10%
>1 Lac & < = 2.5 Lac 25% 75%
>2.5 100%
Hyderabad Heroes 1, 00,000 Top 5 %

How to play Card Chase?

  1. Visit game lobby menu bar, look out for the ‘Challenges’ section and click on ‘Card Chase’.
  2. On the pop-up, click on ‘Enroll Now’ and register for the game.
  3. You’ll be given 2 hole cards face down as part of the daily challenge from 11th-24th June. Reveal your cards for the day by clicking them at 8 PM daily.
  4. Win a hand with either one or both the cards one at a time or same time during the day to complete your daily challenge.
  5. First user who wins all the daily challenges will hit the Jackpot of Rs. 2 Lac.
  6. Check you rank, points scored and game progress from the Card Chase leaderboard.

For the complete details of the Card Chase schedule and terms and conditions, please click HERE!

Take Part in Card Chase Fantasy (1st to 10th June)

To the delight of poker enthusiasts in India, is also running Card Chase Fantasy from 1st to 10th June, which allows to create your dream team out of top 100 players and win your share from Rs. 1 Lac. You can create up to 2 teams and compete in the league to increase the chances of winning cash prize. Creating your fantasy team is simple. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Select your team out of top 100 players based on their performance in Max Hands Won on cash table above 25/50, starting Jan till date, have been listed
  2. You can make a team of 6 players by using 8500 buy points in lieu of 100 loyalty points For each additional team you create, 100 loyalty points will be deducted from your Adda52 account.
  3. You can create maximum 2 teams. You can enter with 2 teams maximum in one league.
  4. In case you are not listed in top 100 players, you can include yourself in lieu of 1200 buy-in points.

Players need to note that the points earned by team members will be considered only if they have enrolled themselves in Card Chase.Prizepool will be divided to top 5% of players enrolled in league. The enrollment for Card Chase Fantasy has already started and will be valid till 10th June this month.

Gear up for High Octane Poker Millionaire Tour (PMT) Starting 8th June

The high octane action is returning on with the much-awaited Poker Millionaire Tour (PMT), a series running from 8th-12th June and featuring a whopping Rs. 50 lac guarantee. The PMT is a series for almost everyone, as it features a range of No Limit Hold’em & Omaha events in different formats like Rebuy, Turbo and Bounty, thus providing players different poker flavours and tastes.

To check out the details of the events and satellites of Poker Millionaire Tour, please click HERE!