APT Macau 2017: Manoj Pentakota Claims Head Hunter; Nishant Sharma Finishes 9th in Warm Up

Big action is going on Asian Poker Tour (APT) Macau and Team India is enjoying a trailblazing run. There are many players participating in APT series, including Zarvan Tumboli who took down the opening event for HK$74,300 (INR 6.14 Lacs) and Nishant Sharma who finished 9th in the Main Event Warm Up for HK$ 20,800 (INR 1.71 Lacs). Among other indians, Alok Birewar and Pavan Ashokkumar Gundesha made it to final table in No Limit Hold’em One Day Event. Birewar finished fourth for HK$27,400 (~INR 2.26 Lacs) while Gundesha took third place cashing HK$19,000 (INR 1.57 Lacs).

The latest is Vishakhapatnam-based Manoj Pentakota. He took down the Head Hunter event for HK$47,000 (~INR 3.88 Lacs). It was the first international title for Pentakota, though he has several   live titles in his kitty including DPT High Roller title and more recently DPT Tag Teams title in April 2017. In this event, Arjun Dhingra finished 3rd , winning HK$21,200 (~INR 1.75 Lacs) for his efforts.

Head Hunter Event

The Head Hunter event of the APT Macau attracted a field of 59 runners, creating a total prize pool of HK$169,900.The field came down to eight players on the opening day with India’s Manoj Pentakota emerging as the chip lead with 154,500. The first fallout of the final table was short stacked Jun Cui followed by Tetsuya Tsuchikawa. China’s Shuai Ping went out in seventh place with local pro Man Wun Ku going out at sixth place. Up next, it was Tsz Hin Ng who was eliminated by Manoj Pentakota. Pentakota kept the momentum and eliminated Hong Vincent Kwun Ngai Li in fourth place. The man who went out in 3rd place was none other than India’s Arjun Dhingra finishing 3rd for HK$21,200.

The heads-up began between the chip lead Pentakota and Chan. It didn’t last long time and the last hand of the tournament saw both players moving all-in on the flop 8d-9d-Ac. Pentakota held 6d-5d against Chain’s Qh-10d. The turn and river were 5c-8s. Pentakota won his first international title.

Final Table Payouts (HKD)

  1. Manoj Pentakota – HK$47,000
  2. Fang Chen – HK$29,100
  3. Arjun Dhingra – HK$21,200
  4. Vincent Kwun Ngai Li – HK$16,500
  5. Tsz Hin Ng – HK$14,300
  6. Man Wun Ku – HK$12,400
  7. Shuai Ping – HK$10,900
  8. Tetsuya Tsuchikawa – HK$9,700
  9. Jun Cui – HK$8,800

Nishant Sharma Finishes 9th Main Event Warm Up

Playing for the first time at international platform India’s Nishant Sharma impressed a lot and made it to the final table of Warm Up. He finished 9th for HK$ 20,800 (INR 1.71 Lacs). “It feels great to make final table in my 1st international tour but that’s what not I’m aiming for.” said the elated Nishant.

Nishant has already several cashes across big online and live events in India. Back in February this year, he finished 29th in DPT Main Event at Deltin Poker Tournament Goa to claim INR 63,000 in prize money.

Final Table Payouts (HKD)

  1. Yun Lam Kevin Choi – HK$ 111,000
  2. Zhongcai Peng – HK$ 68,500
  3. Weicong Tang – HK$ 50,100
  4. SJ Kim – Korea – HK$ 38,900
  5. Kilian Loffler – HK$ 33,700
  6. Alan Lau King Lun – HK$ 29,200
  7. Hung Sheng Lin – HK$ 25,600
  8. Luen Hei Kwok – HK$ 22,800
  9. Nishant Sharma – HK$ 20,800

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