India’s Sharad ‘keenyle’ Rao Finishes Runner-Up in Sunday Million for a huge $121,949.27.

Sunday Million is the world’s most prestigious online poker tournament,which attracts thousands of players battling it out for a huge $1M GTD prizepool (the prizepool is substantially higher most times). While there are thousands of prominent players who compete and win in this event, Indians also enjoy their fair share of success. India’s star players such as Aditya Sushant, ‘Kingplayer19’, Akash Malik, and Phanindra Akkinathey all have final table finishes in this marquee online tournament.sharad rao

The latest casher in Sunday Million is Sharad ‘keenyle’ Rao who finished 2nd for a hefty $121,949.27 (INR 78.5 lacs). Sunday Million, which took off on 11th June, attracted  5,879 entries, creating a whopping prize pool of $1,273,600. After long battles with the best online players from across the world, it was eventually Hungary’s kZhh who emerged the victorious in the big event for a huge $176,212.94, after defeating India’s ‘keenyle’ in heads-up play. Brilliant performance by India’s ‘keenyle’, he fought well and managed to finish 2nd to win his largest online cash. A total of 953 places were paid out in this event with the first place prize of $176,212.94 going to Hungary’s kZhh.

For those who don’t know much about Sharad Rao, he is an ex-student of MIT Manipal who got into poker during his college days. He is one of the most consistent online poker player and has claimed several big wins at the virtual felts over the years. Although this is his biggest online cash, he has won several other big money tournaments on India’s largest poker, including Adda52’s ‘ Fly to Vegas’ package back in January 2017.

Final Table Recap

TCOOP 2017 champion kZhh entered the final table as the chip lead with 45 big blinds and quickly began attacking pots. The consistent aggression that was on display during TCOOP victory served kZhh well. The first 45 minutes of play were dominated by kZhh, who won a few pots as well as doubled up some short-stacked players. The action continued and a few hands later, the first elimination came in the form of Netherland’s OroJaNjivu whose As-10s lost to nestoneto’s Jc-Jd. The next player to fall was Swaggersorus from the UK. His As-Jc lost to kZhh’s 5h-6h on the board of 8d-Qs 7h- 3h- Kh. Up next, Pokstarman from Germany who moved all-in for 3.6 million with Ks-Qc against in kZhh’s 9c-7s after the 8c-3c-5c flop. But kZhh paired on the 7h turn, and the Ad river was a blank card.

The big pot came when kZhh min-raised to 800,000 chips with Ad Ah. His opponent chubbybeast holding Tc-Th on the button, moved in for 8.5 million total, and fell in sixth place when the board came 7c-Qs-Kh-6h-As. Very soon, kZhh eliminated Australia’sDavidAndIvy in 5th place. After a few hands, frank29929 from Netherland shoved on the button with Kh-2h and kZhh called with 7c-3s.  kZhh luckily paired a seven on the flop and managed to knock out frank29929 in the 4th place.

Up next, nestoneto moved all-in with Ad-4c. kZhh who had Jd-Jc called. The board was Qd-6h-2c-2s-2d. kZhh busted nestoneto in 3rd place.The heads- up began between India’s Keenyle and kZhh. On the final hand of the event, kZhh min-raised to 1 million chips on the button, holding 8c-8h. Keenyle holding As-Kd, re-raised to 3.5 million and then called all-in for 21.3 million. The board came 3d- Jh-3c-5c-6c. So, the pocket pair held up, giving kZhh his second major PokerStars title of 2017.

Many many congratulations to Keenyle & kZhh for their superb performances in Sunday Million.

A Look at Final Table Payouts:

  1. kZhh (Hungary) $176,212.94
  2. Keenyle (India) $121,949.27
  3. nestoneto (Brazil) $84,398.57
  4. frank29929 (Netherlands) $58,410.45
  5. DavidAndIvy (Australia) $40,424.59
  6. chubbybeast (United Kingdom) $27,976.98
  7. Pokstarman (Germany) $19,362.25
  8. Swaggersorus (United Kingdom) $13,400.23
  9. OroJaNjivu (Netherlands) $9,274