Online Grinder Ajay ’OHYEAH’ Sawhney Wins 20 Lac Millions on

It has been an exciting Sunday for online players with 20 Lac Millions taking place on The tournament that guaranteed a whopping INR 20 lacs attracted 186 entries. After several hours of the gruelling action, it was Ajay’OHYEAH’ Sawhney who came on to the top after defeating Tiewsngi ‘Tiew’Shylla in the heads-up play. Ajay walked away with the top prize of an impressive INR 540000, while Tiewsngi took home a cool INR 340000 for his runner-up finish. A total of 18 players were paid out in this tourney with min-cash of INR 20000 going to ‘spark123’.552x312_20lacsmillions

The victory for Ajay’OHYEAH’ Sawhney was not an easy road, as he faced a very tough opponent Tiewsngi ‘Tiew’Shylla in the heads-up play. Both players fought it hard till the end. Several times in this tourney, Tiewsngi came up strongly but unfortunately he had settle down or 2nd place finish in the end.

On the final hand of the tournament with blinds of 40.000/50,000 and ante of 10,000, the action started with ‘OHYEAH’ raising it to 180000 in the small blind and ‘tiew’ called the action in the big blind. The flop came 8s-3d-Ac. On the flop, it was ‘tiew’ who raised and ‘OHYEAH’ called the action to see the turn 10d. On the turn, ‘tiew’ moved all-in and ‘OHYEAH’ made the call. The river card was 7h. At showdown, ‘OHYEAH’ tabled Ah-7d for two pair and  ‘tiew’ showed 4s-3s for one pair. ‘OHYEAH’ won the title with two pair.

Final Table Payouts (INR)

1 OHYEAH 540000
2 Tiew 340000
3 Crazyy 255000
4 pokeraddictive 200000
5 slickbobbe 150000
6 Shanaggi1 110000
7 Deepsiya 75000
8 monish1965 60000
9 Hbecse 45000