Shubham ‘thekiller12’ Maheshwari Claims The Rich Race Title on

Adda52’s premier tournament ‘The Rich Race’ took place yesterday on 4th June. The INR 4400 buy-in tournament attracted a huge field of 738 entries and outlasting them was  Shubham ‘thekiller12’ Maheshwari. Right from the start, ‘thekiller12’ looked in good touch. He played smartly enough and emerged the ultimate champion after beating Prashant’rituprashant’ Bhutoria in the heads-up game. Shubham won the top prize of a hefty INR 10 Lac for his efforts, while Prashant had to settle for the 2nd place prize money of INR 442800 for his efforts in the tourney.552x312_rich race'

The Rich Race tournament proved a boon for online grinders, as a total of 72 players were paid out in this event with a min-casho of INR 5314 going to talwaranks. Unfortunately for gameank123 bubbled in this tourney, finishing in the 73rd place.

The heads-up battle was fast-paced with a lots of twists and turns for both players. They continued coming up and down in chips and hence kept challenging each other. While the luck smiled several times at ‘rituprashant’, it was ‘thekiller12’ who finally won the title. On the final hand of the tournament at 60000/120000 blinds, ‘thekiller12’ held Ac- Ad and ‘rituprashant’ had Ks-Kh. The board was 7c-Jc-5s-8h-5c. While both players hit two pairs, ‘thekiller12’ took down the coveted title with better 2 pairs of Aces and Fives and eliminated ‘rituprashant’ in 2nd place.

OPN India congratulates the winner of The Rich Race and all those who finished in the money and at the same time wishes them all the best for ongoing and future tournaments on

A Look at Final Table Results:

Sr No User id User Name winning amount
1 449085 thekiller12 10,00000
2 284286 rituprashant 442800
3 395013 unmask 295200
4 782006 vikashbaa.techila 235570
5 6668 eaglecrest 169740
6 1084416 infusionleo 110700
7 879757 narcoss 73800
8 459129 Internetofficer 59040
9 39223 bhola 42804