PokerStars LIVE Macau Releases 2017 ACOP Schedule

PokerStars LIVE Macau has officially released its schedule for the Asia Championship of Poker (ACOP), one of the Asia’s most successful tournament series, which runs in the Asian gaming capital Macau from October 13-29, 2017.

Last season, it was Vladimir Geshkenbein who won the previous Main Event becoming the only player to win a title on both the European Poker Tour and the Asia Pacific Poker Tour. The 29-year old Swiss player won HK$5,643,000 along with the Gold Spadie trophy. The victory also got him a free entry into this year’s Main Event, which has been a tradition since the beginning of the series back in 2012.

This year ACOP will feature 24 title Events where the each winner will claim the prestigious ACOP Spadie trophy. Once again, the highlight of the series will be the HK$100,000 (~USD $13,000) Main Event which promises a massive HK$25 million prize pool guarantee – the largest in Asia’s history.

On ACOP schedule 2017, there will be 50 cash tournaments across the 17-day series with a variety of buy-ins ranging from HK$1,000 to HK$800,000. The series is expected to attract a large Indian contingent after the WSOP and DPT and Indian challengers will looking to keep their good run going.

Indian players have impressed a lot at ACOP series, attracting international media attention for their grand wins and big cash outs. Back in 2013, Apoorva Goel became the first Indian to win an ACOP title. Next year in 2014, Adda52 Team Pro Kunal Patni won ACOP Spadie for HK$176,000 and Anju Abrol took down the second Spadie trophy in Deepstack Championship banking HK$401,400. Now that the series is set to begin once again, OPN India wishes good luck to Team India at ACOP 2017.

A Look at ACOP Schedule for 2017:

Oct 13 @ 6PM: $4,000 1m GTD Spadie – Day 1A (Unlimited Re-entries)

Oct 14 @ 1PM: $4,000 1m GTD Spadie – Day 1B (Unlimited Re-entries)

Oct 14 @ 6PM: $4,000 1m GTD Spadie – Day 1C (Unlimited Re-entries)

Oct 15 @ 1PM: $11,000 Shootout Championship (100 CAP)

Oct 15 @ 6PM: $11,000 Knockout Championship

Oct 16 @ 3PM: $11,000 6-Handed Championship

Oct 17 @ 1PM: $15,000 PLO Championship

Oct 17 @ 6PM: $11,000 Deepstack Championship

Oct 18 @ 1PM: $50,000 Single Day 50K (Single Re-entry)

Oct 18 @ 6PM: $9,000 2m GTD Spadie – Day 1A (Unlimited Re-Entries)

Oct 19 @ 1PM: $9,000 2m GTD Spadie – Day 1B (Unlimited Re-Entries)

Oct 19 @ 6PM: $9,000 2m GTD Spadie – Day 1C (Unlimited Re-Entries)

Oct 20 @ 3PM: $2,500 Rebuy Championship

Oct 20 @ 6PM: $25,000 ACOP Warm-up ($3,000,000 Guarantee)

Oct 21 @ 1PM: $10,000 Single Day 10K (Single Re-Entry)

Oct 21 @ 4PM: $800,000 Super High Roller (Shot Clock, Unlimited Re-Entries)

Oct 21 @ 6PM: $9,000 Ladies Asia Championship

Oct 22 @ 2PM: $40,000 NLH-PLO Championship

Oct 22 @ 8PM: $20,000 Teams Championship

Oct 23 @ 2PM: $100,000 Main Event ($25,000,000 Guarantee) – Day 1A

Oct 24 @ 12PM: $300,000 Single Day High Roller (Shot Clock, Single Re-Entry)

Oct 24 @ 2PM: $100,000 Main Event ($25,000,000 Guarantee) – Day 1B

Oct 25 @ 7PM: $3,000 Flipout Championship (Unlimited Re-Entries)

Oct 26 @ 4PM: $15,000 NLH

Oct 26 @ 7PM: $80,000 Mini High Roller (Shot Clock, Unlimited Re-Entries)

Oct 27 @ 6PM: $250,000 High Roller (Shot Clock, Unlimited Re-Entries)

Oct 27 @ 7PM: $11,000 Turbo Championship

Oct 28 @ 1.30PM: $11,000 Megastack Championship

Oct 28 @ 6PM: $11,000 Closeout Spadie (Shot Clock, Unlimited Re-Entries)