DOPT: Krishan ‘PickPocket007’ Agarwal is Biggest Winner Among Top 3 from Day 1, 2 & 3

Following the success of the previous edition, Adda52’s flagship tournament series Deltin Online Poker Tournament returned back with a bigger prizepool of INR 2 Crore + across 76 amazing tourneys. Last Friday saw the first day of the series and the biggest tournament of the day was DOPT 6 Lac wherein it was the online grinder ‘rohanrishi’ who took down the title for INR 162000. The Day 2 of the series saw the roll out of DOPT 7 Lac. It was the biggest event on Saturday and found an eventual winner in ‘Pokerbluffs007’. She won an impressive INR 213651 in the top prizemoney. Yesterday was the Day 3 of the DOPT and Krishan ‘PickPocket007’ Agarwal emerged the biggest winner of the day. He won DOPT 15 Lac title and walked away with a hefty NR 390000 in prize money for his  efforts.DOPT Winners from day 1 to 3

#DOPT 6 Lac (18th August-Day 1)

The Deltin Online Poker Tournament (DOPT) kicked off with a total of 7 events on 18th August. The highlight event of the day was DOPT 6 Lac, which featured INR 6 Lacs in prizepool for a buy-in of INR 3500. A total of 112 took part in this event and outlasting them was ‘rohanrishi’ to earn INR 162000 in top prize money. In heads-up, he beat ‘nikhil234880’ who walked away with INR 102000 for his runner-up finish. In total, 18 players made it to money in this tournament with min-cash of INR 6000.

On the last hand of the tournament with blinds running 12500/25000 and ante 2500, ‘nikhil234880’ in the small blind had Kh-Jd, while ‘rohanrishi’ in the big blind held 7c-9c. The board was 2c-4c-8c-Jh-5h. The online player ‘ rohanrishi’ won the hand with a flush to take down the title and top prize money.

#DOPT 7 Lac (19th August-Day 2)

The 2nd Day of the series saw DOPT 7 Lac which featured INR 7 Lacs in the guaranteed prizepool and attracted a total of 132 entrants to battle it out for the top prize money. After a battle of several hours, it was ‘Pokerbluffs007’ who emerged the ultimate winner after defeating ‘icepick007’.

While Pokerbluffs007’ earned INR 213651 for 1st place, ‘icepick007’ won INR 134521 for 2nd place finish. In total, 18 players paid out in this event with min-cash of INR 7913 going to ‘Bluffer_mast’.

The last hand of the tournament with blinds running 8000/16000 and ante 1600 saw the small blind ‘icepick007’ raising with 9d-Kd and pokerbluffs007 in the big blind moved all-in with Ac-Qc. The board ran out 4s-Jc-Ah-5s-8d, giving pokerbluffs007 a top pair of Aces and the coveted DOPT 7 Lac title.

#DOPT 15 Lac (20th August-Day3)

The Day 3 of the series featured DOPT 15 Lac, the biggest event of the day which took place yesterday and featured INR 15 Lacs in prizepool gaurantee for a normal buy-in of INR 75000. In total, 154 hopefuls took to the tables and outlasting them all was Krishan ‘PickPocket007’ Agarwal who beat Nagendra Singh ‘gameank123’ Tomar to take down the title for an impressive INR 390000 in top prize money. While Nagendra earned a cool INR 247500 for his 2nd place finish, a total of 27 places paid in this tournement with the min cash of INR 9000 going to ‘spark123’ for making 27th place finish.

The last hand of DOPT 15 Lac took place with blinds running 20,000/40,000 and ante 4000. It saw the small blind ‘ickpocket007’ raising pre-flop and the big blind ‘gameank123’ call the action. The flop came Kc-8s-4c. On the flop, pickpocket007 raised to 80000 to which gameank123 moved all-in for 376054 in chips. pickpocket007 thought for a while and called the action. At showdown, pickpocket007 tabled 10s-10c, while gameank123 4h-5s. The turn and river cards were bricks. While the board gave ‘gameank123’ a pair of 4, pickpocket007 won the title with a higher pair of 10.