Aniket ‘ Sandystorm’ Pradhan Takes Down Adda52 Millions for INR 405000

Yesterday on India’s largest poker site- saw the conclusion of the high value tournament-Adda52 Millions which had a hefty INR 15 Lacs in the guaranteed prize pool. The tournament attracted a 193 entries and outlasting them Aniket ‘ Sandystorm’ Pradhan this time. For his grand win, Aniket won INR 405000 in prize money. A total of 18 players made to in the  money in this event with min-cash INR 15000 going to 18th place finisher.Adda52millions_OPN - new (1)

Anket defeated Sagar ‘sagarpupul’ Choudhury in the heads-up battle. On the last hand of the tournament with blinds running 20,000/40,000, Aniket in the small blind raised the flop 6d-8c-Jh to 1768506 to which ‘sagarpupul’ was automatically all-in. The turn and river cards hitting the board were 5s and 5c.

At showdown:

Sandystorm: 9s-9h

Sagarpupul : 8d-6c

While Sagarpupul had a good lead on the flop with two pairs of sixes and eights, the turn and river card changed the game. Aniket ‘ Sandystorm’ Pradhan took down the coveted title with higher two pairs of nines & fives.

Studied atIIM Rohtak, Sagarpupul is one of the well-known poker players in Indian online poker circuit. Altough he had many ups and downs through this tournament, he hit a few right spots and eventually managed to secure 2nd place in this tourney, taking home an impressive INR 255000 for his efforts.

Adda52 Millions was yet again a successful tournament that saw many renowned players battling it out for the millions title. Some well-known players seen in this tourney yesterday included the Adda52 Team Pros Kunal ‘KunalPatni’ Patni and Tarun ‘aggtarun’ Goyal, Sanjay ‘sanjaytaneja2010’ Taneja, dirtyzoso, phanthom, minissha, Amit030, bothras, piyushjain121 and several other big names.

OPN India congratulates the winner and all ITM players and wishes them good luck ahead!