Online Grinder ‘kramer234’ Wins The Rich Race Title for INR 15 Lacs

Adda52’s flagship monthly tournament- The Rich Race completed its 7th edition last Sunday. The tournament was tremendously successful as it attracted 530 unique entries plus 239 re-entries, taking the number of entries to 769 and creating INR 3076002 in the prizepool. While many renowned players from across the country took to the felts, it was kramer234who eventually beat 530 players to win the title for a whopping INR 15 Lacs for his remarkable accomplishment. He beat Nagendra ‘Doravad’ Vadlamani who settled for the 2ND place prize of INR 461400.Congratulations

On the last hand of the tournament with blinds running 75000/150000 and ante of 15000, the small blind player Nagendra ‘Doravad’ Vadlamani announced him all-in and ‘kramer234’ from the big blind made a quick call. At the showdown, ‘Doravad’-Ac-5h tabled, while ‘kramer234’ turned over Qh-Qd. The board ran out Jh-Kc-8c-8h-5d. While the board also gave ‘Doravad’ two pairs with fives and eights, the online player ‘kramer234’ locked up the coveted title with the higher two pairs of eights and queens, taking a home INR 15 Lacs in prize money.

The final table of the tournament saw some big names from live and online poker world, including Vishal ‘Highroller15’ Sampat, Karan ‘karangupta27’ Gupta, Pulkit ‘championplayer’ Goyal, Deepak ‘Deepsiya’ Meena and Sumit ‘Hammer_Head’Sapra. While Vishal and Karan finished 3rd and 4th in the tourney for INR 307600 and INR 245465, India’s ace player Sumit Sapra finished 9th for INR 44602. A total of 72 players made money in this tournament with min-cash of INR 5537 going to ‘ bhola’. Stay tuned in for latest news & updates here!