Biggest Winners at DPT September 2017- Who Won How Much?

The DPT September 2017 started with a bang and ended in similar fashion. Just as its predecessor, the series attracted attention from poker players coming from all across India. Some of the most prominent players entered the events featured on the schedule to clash against fellow pros and amateurs joining in the battles. The series featured a total of 6 amazing live tournaments across 5 days of action.As it happens at festivals of this scale, the biggest prizepool event and Main Event were the most anticipated ones. Several players won big over the course of the festival and we consider it our duty to present their poker accomplishments to India’s poker community.

To begin with, the biggest prizepool event was 75K High Roller, which was taken down by Adda52 Team Pro- Amit Jain who defeated Sahil Agarwal to win a hefty payout of INR 24,94,800. The highlight event was Adda52 35K Main Event in which it was Haresh Kukreja AKA Kavish Kukreja who emerged victorious, taking his largest DPT cash of INR 18,71,000. While these players  were the biggest earners, there were several other players who walked away with hefty prize money.

Given below is the complete list of the biggest winners:

1.Adda52 Team Pro Amit Jain -INR 24,94,800

The biggest earner this DPT was none other than the Adda52 Team Pro Amit Jain with a whopping INR 24,94,800 in prize money. It is important to note that this was the largest live cash he scored in DPT.Before this grand win, he  finished 17th in DPT Main Event November 2016 for a cool INR 48,300.

 Amit’s story is amazing. He has been the beast all through 75K High Roller, chipping up and down. He started final table as the chip lead and continued his dominance through final table, eventually winning the biggest prizepool event of the series. He defeated 114 entries and Sahil ‘Antilog’ Agarwal in heads-up to take down the first place prize money, the title and  the beautiful DPT Trophy.

Amit Jain hailing from the commercial city of Mumbai is no stranger to the live felts. He is one of India’s most prominent players who has won several big money tournaments in India and various overseas nations. He travels to various corners of the world to play poker. He enjoys several cashes across various international poker events, including the WSOP, APPT and Macau Poker Championship to name a few. He got international media attention in 2015 when won a NLH Event at APT Philippines, Manila. His largest live cash came when he finished 14th for $ 27,714 in NLH Little One for One Drop at 47th WSOP 2016, Las Vegas. Now with this huge win DPT HR, his total live earning go well beyond $167,741.

Final Table Payouts:

1. Amit Jain – INR 24,94,800
2. Sahil Agarwal – INR 15,80,000
3. Ashish Jain – INR 11,02,000
4. Jaydeep Dawer – INR 8,73,200
5. Vikas Kumar – INR 6,23,700
6. Ronak Vyas – INR 4,57,400
7. Vishrut Jain – INR 3,11,900
8. Pradeep Sharma – INR 2,49,500
9. Danish Shaikh – INR 1,87,000

2.Haresh Kukreja – INR 18,71,000

Haresh Kukreja AKA Kavish Kukreja is the second biggest earner in this season of DPT. He won Adda52 35K Main Event title, taking his career best INR 18,71,000 for his remarkable win. Like Amit, Haresh is one of the most respected players in the country with several wins and cashes across DPT, APPT, Macau Poker Cup and APT. While his best live cash is $29,155, his total earning amount to $109,491.

Haresh entered  35K Main Event final table 3rd in chips with 408k but chipped up in between, getting a couple of doubles. He defeated a strong 179-player field. In his heads-up battle, he faced a tough opponent Varun Iyer who entered the final table as the chip lead with 847k.

On the last hand of the tournament, Kukreja had Ah-Kh against Iyer’s Ac-Qd. The action saw a pre-flop all-in where the board ran 4d 3h Jh 3c 5h. Kukreja hit a flush to take down the DPT Main Event title, eliminating Iyer in the second place who took home a well-deserved INR 11,78,000.

Final Table Payouts:

1. Kavish Kukreja – INR 18,71,000
2. Varun Iyer – INR 11,78,000
3. Romit Advani – INR 8,83,600
4. Prashant Singh Bhutoria – INR 6,93,000
5. RG – INR 5,19,800
6. Kapil Arora – INR 3,81,200
7. Amit Kumar – INR 2,59,900
8. Mayank Jain – INR 2,07,900

3.Bobbe Suri -INR 6,05,200

DPT September 2017 began with 15K Kickoff, which drew 136 players creating a prizepool of INR 20,40,000 on the guarantee of INR 20,00,000. In this event, it was Bobbe Suri who emerged the third biggest winner of the series, taking home an impressive INR 6,05,200 after outlasting 136 players.

Suri from Mumbai defeated  Satish S in the heads-up play. The last hand came with blinds running 15,000-30,000-4,000. Small stack Satish pushed all-in from the button with his Jd 10d where Suri made a snap call with 8c 8s. The board was 5s As 8h 2c 6s where Suri hit a set and took down the 15K Kickoff title. Satish was eliminated at second place and took home INR 3,82,200.

Bobbe who is a regular to DPT Series has made several cashes in DPT. In July this year, he made it to the final table of 15K PLO event, finishing 9th for INR 35,000. Back in February 2017, he finished 2nd in the same event 15K Kickoff and walked away with an impressive INR 566,400 in prizemoney.

Final Table Payouts:

1. Bobbe Suri -INR 6,05,200
2. Satish S – INR 3,82,200
3. Jaydeep Dawer – INR 2,76,000
4. Abhijeet Shetty – INR 2,17,600
5. Tanuj Moorjani – INR 1,59,300
6. Sandeep Kumar – INR 1,16,650
7. Rubin Labroo – INR 79,600
8. Sumit Chhabra – INR 63,700

4.Vikram Kumar – INR 3,59,400

Vikram ‘ Lungi’ Kumar shipped 15K Bounty Event after defeating Adda52 Tea Pro Nikita Luther in heads-up battle. On the last hand with blinds running 15,000-30,000-4,000, Luther and Kumar played a raise and re-raise and later on the flop both of them went all-in. Kumar had Tc 8c and Luther had Kc Qd and the board opened 9c 2c Qc Jh Ad. Kumar flopped flush to win the title. He won INR 3,59,400 becoming 4th biggest earner in the series. Luther earned INR 2,27,600 for her efforts.

Hailing from Chennai, Vikram Kumar is a respected player and enjoys several big cashes across Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT). Back in July this year, he finished 6th in High Roller and 15K PLO, taking home INR 661,500 and INR 85,000. In November 2016, he finished 3rd in DPT 15K PLO for INR 252,300.

Final Table Payouts:

1. Vikram Kumar – INR 3,59,400
2. Nikita Luther – INR 2,27,600
3. Faiz Alam – INR 1,58,600
4. Vaibhav Sharma – INR 1,25,800
5. Hardik Shah – INR 89,800
6. Vikash Khaitan – INR 65,900
7. Piyush Jain – INR 44,900
8. Rajesh Sharma – INR 35,900
9. Anubhav Adlakha – INR 27,000

5.Jagdeep Singh – INR 3,47,000

Delhi-based Jagdeep Singh who is now regular to DPT series emerged victorious in 15K PLO event, winning 5th largest prizemoney in the series, which amounted to INR 3,47,000. Jagdeep defeated 15K Kickoff winner Bobbe Suri in heads-up. Suri walked away with INR 2,08,000 for his runner-up finish.

The last hand with the blinds running 6,000-12,000 saw both players pushing all-in pre-flop with Singh holding Ad 7d 2s 8s and Suri had Kd 5d 6h 6d. The board was 5s Qs Qc Ts 8c. Singh shipped 15K PLO event with two pairs Queens and Eights with Ace kicker. This was the second time Singh won the 15K PLO title. Earlier he won the same event in February 2017 for INR 5,80,000.

Final Table Payouts:

1. Jagdeep Singh – INR 3,47,000
2. Bobbe Suri – INR 2,08,000
3. Amit Sur – INR 1,49,000
4. Aditya Sushant – INR 1,09,000
5. Prashant Singh Bhutoria – INR 79,000
6. Vikram Kumar – INR 59,000
7. Vivek Rughani – INR 39,000

6.Minissha Lamba – INR 70,-000

Like previous edition, this DPT too had a special Ladies Event to provide a platform for female poker players to show their skills and talent at the live felts. Ladies Event this season was taken down by none other than the Bollywood actress and Adda52 celebrity pro Minissha Lamba. She defeated fellow pro Nikita Luther in heads-up and took home INR 70,000. While it was the first-ever win for Minissha in DPT, the well-known Nikita made two runner-up finishes in the series.