Korea’s Sung Ho Kim Takes Down APT Philippines 2017 Main Event!

After fierce battles among final 8 at APT Philippines 2017 Main Event, it was Koreas Sung Ho Kim who emerged the champion after defeating fellow countryman Jae Hyun Lim to capture his first-ever APT Championship trophy, the APT Championship Ring, and the USD 40,250 first prize.

Final Table Story

Sung Ho entered the Final 8 with the largest stack and used it to eliminate four players in his pursuit of the title. The first player he eliminated from the final table was Lebanon’s Hanna Khalife whose Ac-Qh lost to Sung Ho’s Ad-Ks on the board reading 2s-Ah-Kh-Jc-8h. The second player to exit was Zentaro Nakayashiki in 7th place whose Pocket Nines lost to Sung Ho’s Jacks.

The 3rd player who became the victim of Sung Ho was Eugene Co from Philippine who moved all-in with As-8d and ran into Sung Ho’s Ac-Ad. Co went out in 5th  place. After Daiki Kohagi from Japan went out in 4th place, it was a three-handed play between 3 Koreans-Sung Ho Kim, Jae Hyun Lim and Soo Jo Kim. Unfortunately for Soo Jo Kim whose J-9 suited lost to Jae Hyun’s As-Qd. He finished in 3rd place. After Soo’s exit, it was now heads-up battle between Ho Kim and Hyun Lim.

 Heads-Up Battle

The heads up round began with Jae Hyun leading 3:1 in chips, but 2 hands later this lead was taken by Sung Ho claiming the first big pot. After chipping down in a hand, Sung Ho retook the lead on the next hand and climbed higher in the game. On the final hand of the tournament, Sung Ho rose to victory with his Ad- Jc connecting with a higher pair of Ace on the river to defeat Lim’s Qs- Qc. 

A Look at Final 8 payouts (USD)

1st Sung Ho Kim – Korea – USD 40,250 (ICM deal made)
2nd  Jae Hyun Lim – Korea – USD 28,880 (ICM deal made)
3rd  Soo Jo Kim – Korea – USD 28,530 (ICM deal made)
4th  Daiki Kohagi – Japan – USD 14,500
5th  Eugene Co – Philippines – USD 12,000
6th Mike Takayama – Philippines – USD 9,890
7th  Zentaro Nakayashiki – Japan – USD 8,160
8th Hanna Khalife – Lebanon – USD 6,820