DOPT Series Ends with Bhola ‘bhola’ Sharma Winning Main Event Title for INR 1080000

Adda52’s flagship series- Deltin Online Poker Tournament (DOPT) running from 20th to 29th October has been remarkably successful, attracting an impressive participation and creating whopping prize pools across various exciting events. The 10-day poker fiesta featuring over 2 crores in prize pools and a free WPT India Main Event ticket to its leaderboard topper played a host to a total of 76 events and attracted over 7494 entries in total. The highlight event was 40 Lac GTD Main Event wherein Bhola Sharma aka ‘ bhola won the title. The 2nd biggest event was 20 Lac GTD Higher Roller wherein Akshay Nasa aka ‘ vibaks emerged as the winner. The 3rd biggest tourney of the series was DOPT 15 Lac which a found a champion in Eka ‘Squashgod’ Vendantham.

DOPT Main Event


Taking place on this Sunday night, the Main Event was the biggest prize pool event of the series. This marquee event with a whopping INR 40 Lacs in prize pool gaurantee attracted 220 entries in total. Outlasting them all was Bhola Sharma aka ‘bhola’ who defeated Vasudev Shrest aka ‘VasuShrest’ in heads- up battle to take down the title and the first place prize money INR 10.8 Lacs. A total of 18 players were paid out in this event with min-cash of INR 40,000 going to the 15th place finisher.

On the final hand with blinds running  30,000/60,000,  ‘bhola’ in the small blind raised to 90000 and vasushrest in the big blind moved all-in for around 2534882. Later, ‘bhola’ thought for a while and eventually made a call. The board opened Jc-8d-10h-6c-4d. While vasushrest holding 9c-5d missed out the board,bhola who held 10c-Ac won the Main Event title with one pair.

Final Table Payouts (INR):

1 bhola 1080000
2 VasuShrest 680000
3 kishorvc 510000
4 radford 400000
5 Shanaggi1 300000
6 gurpal83 220000
7 doodlebug 150000
8 Bhaijiii 120000
9 sankalptaparia 90000


DOPT High Roller

nasa 2

The DOPT High Roller on 27th October has been remarkably successful, attracting a total of 102 entries and generating a whopping prize pool of INR 2244000. After several hours of fierce battles, it was Akshay Nasa aka ‘ vibaks’ who emerged the champion and won INR 685440 in the top prize money after defeating Anish Patra aka ‘ anishpatra in the heads-up battle. Anish Patra pocketed a cool INR 417690 for his efforts.  A total of 9 players were paid out with min cash of INR 53550.

On the final hand, the online player ‘anishpatra’ raised with Qd-7c and ‘ vibaks’ got all his stack in with Ac-Jc. The board opened 8h-Jd-6h-Kc-10h. While ‘anishpatra’ did not get any help from the board,  the online grinder ‘vibaks’ took down the title with a pair of Jacks.

 Final Table Payouts (INR) :

1 vibaks 685440
2 anishpatra 417690
3 smallboy 299880
4 DoJingBULLETS 235620
5 callmenow 171360
6 shubhamgoswami 128520
7 Hammer_Head 85680
8 pharlap 64260
9 zillastar 53550


DOPT 15 Lac Event

Eka Vedantham DPT PLO

The 3rd biggest event on which took place on 28th October was DOPT 15 Lac. The event which guaranteed a hefty INR 15 Lac drew a total of 247 entries and outlasting them was none other than the well-known player Eka Vedantham aka ‘Squashgod’. He defeated Santosh Chamoli aka ‘AK_89’ in the heads-up battle to take down the title for INR 405000-the first prize pool prize money.  While ‘AK_89’ pocketed INR 255000 for his runner-up finish, a total of 18 players were paid outwith min-cash of INR 15000 going to Adda52 Team Pro Kunal Patni for his 15th place finish.

On the final hand of the tournament when blinds were running 40,000/80,000, the online player ‘AK_89’ moved all-in with 8s- 9s and squashgod’ made the call with 8d-8c . The board opened Js-2s-Qd, 3h-2c and  ‘squashgod’ took down the coveted title with two pairs– d8-c8 & s2-c2.

Final Table Payouts ( INR) :

1 Squashgod 405000
2 AK_89 255000
3 Dhawal24 191250
4 gameank123 150000
5 AjGar5 112500
6 chaudharymohit 82500
7 zillastar 56250
8 kishorvc 45000
9 pokesand 33750

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