Global Poker Index: America’s Bryn Kenney Continues to Lead POY and Overall Rankings in GPI

As per the Global Poker Index (GPI) this week, Bryn Kenney remains on the top-ranked player of the year yet again. That makes seven consecutive weeks running in the top spot for Kenney.

DJ Alexander catapulted into the top 10 in in GPI in early September after a fourth-place finish in the World Poker Tour Legends of Poker Main Event, and inched up a few more spots to No. 7 over the course of the last month. He cashed in another WPT Main this week, finishing 20th in the WPT Maryland Live! Main Event. Of course, you might be thinking about Art Papyzan who won both of those WPT titles, having won WPT Legends in late August, then recently outlasted a 561-entry field to take down WPT Maryland Live Main Event as well, but he is still to make his way into GPI top 10.

The overall GPI rankings have remained steady over the last three weeks as with a little movement up at the top. Bryn Kenney continues to be No. 1 for the last seventh-straight week. Within the overall Top 10, No. 7 Dan Smith and No. 8 Ari Engel swapped positions. Meanwhile, Dario Sammartino moved back into the Top 10 this week after going or jumping from No. 14 to No. 10 in the GPI Rankings.

A Look at Top 10 Global Poker Index Ranks:

Rank Player GPI Score
1 Bryn Kenney 3440.32
2 Koray Aldemir 3167.07
3 Nick Petrangelo 3058.14
4 Dan Smith 2948.77
5 Dario Sammartino 2928.47
6 Sergio Aido 2830.89
7 DJ Alexander 2784.01
8 Anthony Spinella 2783.99
9 Pete Chen 2781.4
10 Stephen Chidwick 2778.51