Ravee Mathi Sundara Jaya Jothi “R4Rounder” Ships the Historic MegaSuits on Adda52.com

This Sunday on Adda52.com was historic one with two high-value tournaments -Mega Suits and Sunday Suits concluding with resounding success. Both tourneys drew a record participation, attracting a good mix of the well-known pros and players from across the country. The biggest event was MegaSuits– a newly launched tourney featuring INR 30 Lac GTD and INR 10 GTD for the eventual winner along with 1 free seat for WPT India Main Event sponsored by the exclusive WPT partner- Adda52.com. It was the online grinder Ravee Mathi Sundara Jaya Jothi “R4Rounder” who made the history by winning the very inaugural-Mega Suits which got off to a record-breaking start, attracting 709 entries and taking prize pool to a staggering INR 32,61,396, which was distributed among 45 players. All-in-all, Mega Suits was well-received by poker player to make a grand debut.

The journey of Ravee Mathi Sundara Jaya Jothi “R4Rounder” was almost smooth. He dominated the game for major parts of the tournament, chipping up and down. He eliminated several bigwigs and won a couple massive pots to put himself in driver’s seat and eventually take down the title after defeating a tough opponent Dhawal Lachhwani who players under “Dhawal24” on Adda52.com.

Heads-Up Battle

The heads-up battle did not last long. Just after a few hands, the last hand came with blinds running 60,000/120000 and ante 12000. R4Rounder holding Qd-Ks opened to 60000 and dhawal24 made the call from the big blind with Kd-4h. A rainbow flop 10d-Kc-2s opened. The turn was a blank 8d but the river card was again a 10. Both players hit two pairs but R4Rounder took down the coveted title with a better kicker in the end. Dhawal24, however, displayed a superb show and was paid out INR 489210 for making a runner-up finish in the tournament.

Notables at Final Table

It was a big tournament wherein R4Rounder not only defeated Dhawal24 but also a record-breaking field of 709 entries. He defeated a final table that included some big names including Abhishek ‘pomfret1989’ Goindi, gauravarod, Sandystorm, pranavd1980, and monish1965.

Final Table Payouts (INR):

R4Rounder 10 Lacs
Dhawal24 489210
pomfret1989 362015
gauravarod 280480
Sandystorm 198945
player11111 143502
pranavd1980 104365
monish1965 71751
arj1234 50552

Sunday Suits

Another big event on Sunday was Sunday Suits, which featured INR 10 Lac GTD for a buy-in of just INR 2500. This high-value tourney proved a grand success, attracting 495 entries and taking the prize pool to INR 1138500, which was distributed among top 36 players. After several hours of fierce battles, it was Devang Yadav “spark123” who took down the title for a respectable INR 284625 after defeating Ankit Jain “ankitjain09” who walked away with INR 182160 for his runner-up finish in the tournament.

Heads-Up Match

The last hand of the tournament came with blinds running 50,000/100000. The action started with  “ankitjain09” in the small blind who open raised with Kd-Qh and “spark123” from the big blind moved all-in with 7d-Ad. The online player “ankitjain09” tanked for a while and then called the all-in bet. The board opened with 2 Aces and “spark123” got three of a kind to win the Sunday Suit title.

Final Table Payouts (INR):

spark123 284625
ankitjain09 182160
pankajnanda 136620
chaudharymohit 105311
amitshur2984 79695
potpoker 56925
lm_10 37001
checkshove 28463
tibre 22770

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