Sahil ‘tomdurrrrr’Surani, 100 Millionth Hand Winner Claims Adda52 is the Best Legal Poker Platform

The 100 millionth hand has hit on! The historic moment for India’s largest poker site came on 15th November when Sahil ‘tomdurrrrr’ Surani from Mumbai sat on a 6-handed PLO table playing at 10/20 blinds with a dream to win this milestone hand. Soon that dream came to reality with the 100millionth hitting at 9:29:05 AM and Sahil Surani who plays under his online name ‘ tomdurrrrr’ on winning it with a full house over ‘akki8791’s straight 9:30:31 AM.

After his win, Sahil Surani was very ecstatic and grateful to Adda52. Talking about his win and, he said,“Thank you so much for providing me with this opportunity to show my gratitude towards after being a part of it for a long time. I cannot explain how ecstatic I am at the moment. I have been playing for a long time and every win comes with a very satisfying and content feeling. This adds up to this bucket of experiences. I have been associated with for more than a year now and I couldn’t have got the live experience of playing online poker better at anyplace else. With the winning amount, I am planning to start playing for high stakes on The best thing has done so far is the fact that they have given us players the opportunity to play on the best legal platform in India. I can’t wait to explore more on more with”. 

Talking about this historic occasion, Anuj Gupta, founder & CEO of, said,“100 Million hands is dedicated to all the patrons of Adda52. They are the ones who believed in us, played their favored game and eventually made this historic moment happen. We are counting on their continued support for 100s of millions of hands more.”

When the 100 millionth hand hit Sahil’s table, the action froze and it was a tension-filled wait for both the players- akki8791 in the big blind and tomdurrrrr in the UTG. This was one hand, one moment, one pile of prizes. However, ‘tomdurrrrr’ was not the favourite with Qd-2c-9s-Jd after flopping two pairs of Queens and Jacks on the board but as another Jack fell on the turn, he won the historic hand with a full house over ‘akki8791’s straight. Here are the details of this milestone:

  • akki8791 – (BB)Kd-8s-7s-10s
  • tomdurrrrr – (UTG)Qd-2c-9s-Jd
  • Community Cards – Jc- Qs-Ad, Jh-3c

There were 6 players were in 100-millionth hand, including sumraisys, akki8791, nsr21, harprit_tuteja, tomdurrrrr, and deepak_grao. The winner Sahil Surani ‘tomdurrrrr’ received 40% of 5 Lac in the prize pool, plus he also got a 2N/3D Deltin Royale Poker VIP Package. The rest of the prize pool was distributed equally among other players remaining in the hand. Adda52 congratulates the winner and all the patrons for making 100 million hand journey happen.