Sumit ‘Hammer_Head’ Sapra Wins His First Mega Suits Title ; Amrit ‘amrit1111’ Mishra Ships Sunday Suits

The well-known player Sumit Sapra aka ‘Hammer_Head’ from the capital city of Delhi took down his first Mega Suits title for a hefty INR 10 Lac in the first place prize money after defeating the online grinder Bikshapathi Velishetti aka ‘bikshapathi’ who pocketed INR 450000 for his 2nd place finish.

Like the previous edition, Mega Suits was super successful this time as well, attracting a total of 645 entries and thus easily crushing the guaranteed prize pool of INR 30 Lac GTD. The event attracted a large number of poker pros and players from across the country, making it one of the most successful events on for November month. A total of 45 places were paid out in this event with min-cash of INR 10500 going to ‘honk30’ for making 45th place finish in this tourney.

On the last hand of the tournament with blinds running 35000/70000/ 7000 ante, the online player ‘hammer_head’ from the small blind open-raised to 105000 and ‘bikshapathi’ in the big blind moved all-in for around 1846134 in chips. Later, ‘hammer_head’ tanked and made the call. At showdown:

Hammer_ Head: Qh-Qs
Bikshapathi: Kc- 9h

The board was Qd- 6s-7c, 7s-2s, and ‘Hammer_ Head’ took down Mega Suits title with a full house.

A Look at Final Table Payouts (INR) :

Sr No. User Name Amount  
1 Hammer_Head 1000000
2 bikshapathi 450000
3 assassinato 333000
4 tomivey 258000
5 bothras 183000
6 KaushalSingh 132000
7 VnutsG 96000
8 Praty777 66000
9 TurtleGuru 46500

Amrit Mishra aka ‘amrit1111’ Ships Sunday Suits for INR 273286

Another big event on Sunday evening was Sunday Suits which guaranteed INR 10 lacs for a small buy-in of INR 2500. The event proved a grand success, attracting 457 entries and crushing the guaranteed prize pool of INR 10 Lacs. After several hours of battles, it was Amrit Mishra aka ‘amrit1111 who won the title for INR 273286 in the first place prize money after defeating Yush Raj aka ‘ achillesin the heads-up battle. Yush Raj pocketed INR 173432 for his 2nd place finish.

“Playing on Adda52 is a good experience and I find that the winnings are good and fair and overall, so I find it a good gaming platform. The best part of this site is their customer support service which is very helpful and I feel glad when I am talking to them because they are always helpful.” Said Amrit.

 A Look at Final Table Payouts (INR):

Sr. No. User Name  Amount
1 amrit1111 273286
2 achilles 173432
3 sraspky 131388
4 Venkatdevchand 102482
5 Piyushmufc22 76205
6 eaglecrest 55183
7 Mohsinkhan1 36789
8 Nishtheboss 28905
9 VasuShrest 22073

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