Kunal ‘Alex52’ Bhatia Ships Mega Suits ; Vikas ‘ chinidumb’ Bhatnagar Wins Sunday Suits Title

It was a big night yesterday with some big tournaments running on India’s largest poker site-Adda52.com. The biggest tournament was Mega Suits which drew a strong field of 576 entries. After several hours of tough battles, it was the investment banker Kunal Bhatia aka ‘Alex52’ from New Delhi in the end who won the title for INR 10 Lacs along with a free DPT Main Event ticket worth INR 35K. He defeated Aditya Mohanty aka ‘viper82’ in heads-up who won INR 4,50,000 for his runner-up finish. A total of 36 players were paid out with a min-cash of INR 13500 for the 36th place finisher.Nikita 880x150

On the last hand when blinds reached 30,000/60,000 with an ante of 6000, the online player ‘alex52’ from small blind raised to 150000, which ‘viper82’ in the big blind called to see the flop 4d-7h-As. The flop was checked around by both players. The turn was 2s , which saw ‘viper82’ moving all-in for 1441479. The action folded back to alex52 who tanked and eventually made the call. The turn was a brick Qh. At showdown,‘viper82’ showed 8h-Jd, while ‘alex52’ tabled 9c-9s for a winning one pair.

Mega Suits drew players from all across the country, including pros, amateurs, and recreational players. The final table saw many notable grinders to battle it out for the title, including narcoss, AzorAhai, bhola, and Vicky0809. While they all fought well, Poker God was perhaps with ‘alex52’ who won lion’s share INR 10 Lac in prize money + a free DPT Ticket worth INR 35K for his win after beating a 576- entry field. The players who finished in the money got upto 50% TDS back.

Final Table Payouts (INR):

1 Alex52 1000000
2 viper82 450000
3 Kidrock85 300000
4 narcoss 255000
5 AzorAhai 195000
6 Chamisback 135000
7 Vicky0809 97500
8 bhola 75000
9 Chidu 52500

Sunday Suits

Another big event yesterday was Sunday Suits which drew 450 entries and easily crushed INR 10 Lacs in the guaranteed prize pool. After several hours of fierce battles, it was Vikas Bhatnagar aka ‘ chinidumb’ who won the title after beating Ajoy Khandheria aka ‘BangaluruWarriors’ in the heads-up. Vikas won INR 263250 for his grand win, while Ajoy pocketed INR 167063 for his efforts. A total of 27 players made it to the money in this tournament with a min-cash of INR 6075.

The last hand of the tournament came with blinds running 45,000/90,000 and9000 ante where the winner ‘ chinidumb’ had Ad-5d, while the online grinder ‘bangaluruwarriors’ held 3d-2d. The board was 3h-Jh-As-10d-8s. Vikas ‘ chinidumb’ Bhatnagar took down the coveted title with a pair of Aces.

Sunday Suits was a grand success and drew several notable players, including Oshoswami, eaglecrest, aggtarun, phanthom, Millions Series Main Event winner-homelite, badtameez_donk, bothras, A_Sushant, Zonas, slotmachine, Hammer_Head, Alex52, and dembla to name a few.

Final Table Payouts (INR):

1 chinidumb 2,63250
2 BangaluruWarriors 1,67063
3 eaglecrest 1,26563
4 Oshoswami 98,719
5 OHYEAH 73,406
6 dragonzee 53,156
7 ayush706 35,438
8 kimjongun 27,844
9 Solidpoker 21,263

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