Muthukumar Rajagopalan Aka ‘hero1965’ Ships Adda52 Millions for INR 4,27,500

This Sunday night saw the two popular online tournaments – Sunday Suits and Adda52 Millions taking placing on The former event was taken down by Deepak Bothra aka ‘bothras’, while the latter was won by Muthukumar Rajagopalan aka  ‘hero1965’ who plays under his online name ‘hero1965’. The biggest event was Adda52 Millions, a re-entry tournament with 15 Lac GTD wherein 145 players took to the virtual felts to battle it out for the title, but it was ‘hero1965’ who remained the last man standing. He won a cool INR 4,27,500 for his 1st place finish.

The online grinder ‘hero1965’ faced Apurva Agarwal aka ‘ blinknomore’ in heads-up. The dual lasted long and both players kept chipping up and down. But then came the last hand where ‘blinknomore’ holding 8d-Qs in the big blind moved all-in on the flop Kc-5h-10h and ‘hero1965’ from the small blind who held 10d-10s called immediately. The turn and river cards were bricks. The player ‘hero1965’ finally took down the title with three of a kind, eliminating ‘ blinknomore’ in the 2nd place.Nikita 880x150

Lots of notables were seen battling it out for the title, including the likes of phanthom, eaglecrest, Chidu, MUSKAAAN, Oshoswami, pokemon13, doodlebug, TEAMfromHELL, Colt45, King0fMerge, bothras, smallboy, Bhaijiii, homelite, Hammer_Head and Squashgod, but they all failed to make it to the money stage in this tournament. OPN India congratulates the winners and all ITM players and at the same time thanks players who participated in this tournament. Good luck ahead!

Final Table Payouts (INR):

1 hero1965 427500
2 blinknomore 270000
3 aggtarun 195000
4 bhola 153750
5 ACEKINGGK 112500
6 gameank123 82500
7 siddyk20 56250
8 spark123 45000
9 yuvrajch1 33750

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