PMT Series Ends with Joe ‘joecsaju’ Saju Wining Main Event & Amit ‘bblacklegend’ Jain Shipping High Roller

Adda52’s popular tournament series-Poker Millionaire (PMT) has ended successfully with 47 exciting events coming to their conclusion and many players taking down big titles and prizes. Sunday night was the final day of the series with several tournaments on its schedule, including the showstopper Main Event with a massive 30 LAC GTD prizepool on offer for a buy-in of just INR 5500. The biggest prizepool event drew 417 entries. When the virtual dust settled, it was Joe Saju aka ‘joecsaju’ who took down the title after defeating Neeraj Bajaj aka ‘NEERAJ2828’ in the heads-up battle. Saju pocketed the top prize money of INR 780000 for his grand show. Top 27 players made it to the money in this marquee tournament with a min-cash remaining INR 18,000.

The last hand of the Main Event came with blinds running 50,000 and 1,00000 saw the small blind ‘NEERAJ2828’ moving all-in with Jh-9d and ‘joecsaju’ from the big blind making the call with Ks-4d. The board opened 8c-Kh-Ac-6d-Qs to give ‘joecsaju’ the title with a pair of Kings.Nikita 880x150

The Main Event attracted a good mix of professionals and amateurs. Some notables who could not cash out in this event included the likes of the final table bubble-minissha, aggtarun, rohanrishi (who finished runner-up in High Roller), blackrabbit79, Colt45, eaglecrest, bothras, Oshoswami,homelite, Zonas, Bhaijiii, badtameez_donk,KunalPatni,Squashgod, phanthom, etc.

Final Table Payouts (INR):

Rank Username Amount (INR)
1 joecsaju 780000
2 NEERAJ2828 495000
3 felter 375000
4 hurr_hurr 292500
5 dhawalmakani 217500
6 kornkif 157500
7 Pegasus1505 105000
8 Ivey2 82500
9 ruosh 63000


PMT High Roller

Another big event on PMT schedule was High Roller, which took place on 15th December and guaranteed INR 25 Lac GTD. The event attracted a good number of higher roller lovers with 89 entries in total. Top 9 players took their share from the guaranteed prizepool of INR 25 Lacs. It was the Adda52 Team Pro Amit Jain aka ‘bblacklegend’ who knocked down Rohan Rishi aka ‘rohanrishi’ in the heads-up battle to take down the coveted title for INR 8 Lacs in top prizemoney.

The last hand of the tournament saw ‘rohanrishi’ from the small blind moving all-in with 8C-Qh and ‘bblacklegend’ from the big blind making the call with Jh-Ah. The board ran out 10c-2s-3d-Ks-9s where Amit Jain ‘bblacklegend’ took down the coveted title with high cards.

Final Table Payouts (INR):

Rank Username Amount (INR)
1 bblacklegend 800000
2 rohanrishi 487500
3 poker27 350000
4 PickPocket007 275000
5 nareshratnam 200000
6 honk30 150000


PMT SuperStacks

The third biggest event on the PMT Schedule was SuperStack with INR 10 Lac GTD wherein 172 players came together to fight it out for the title. In the end, it was Krishan Kumar aka‘kalu9999’ who remained the last man standing after defeating Rashmi Arora aka ‘hurr_hurr’ in the heads-up battle. A total of 18 places were paid out in this event with a min-cash of INR 10,000. While the winner pocked a cool INR 2,70,000 for his win, the online grinder ‘hurr_hurr’ settled for INR 1,70,000 for his runner-up finish.

The last hand of the tournament happened with blinds running30,000/60,000 where small blind ‘hurr_hurr’s 5d-9c lost to 4c-6h held by ‘kalu9999’ in big blind. The board was 6s-3d-4d-10h-Js where the online player ‘kalu9999’ won the last hand and the title with two pairs of 4s and 6s.

Final Table Payouts (INR):

Rank Username Amount (INR)
1 kalu9999 270000
2 hurr_hurr 170000
3 sagarpupul 127500
4 pharlap 100000
5 Mega2017 75000
6 Papagbol 55000
7 runyrules 37500
8 knkrajput 30000
9 ysc_rih 22500

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