Adda52 Goes Crazy with Some Sweet Changes In Its Crazy Leaderboard

After hearing its players and responding to their voices, India’s largest poker has come up with a new and improved Crazy Leaderboard, which promises a total giveaway of 35 Lac,  which will now be given away to the top 20 players, instead of the one person taking home 20 Lac.

The Crazy Leaderboard is split into two months- January & February and each month it takes 10 best results from the Adda52’s Go Crazy Tourneys taking place between 11th January to 1st March 2018.

On the January Leaderboard, the top 10 players get 15 Lac prize pool and DPT Main Event tickets. The ones who emerge among the top 10 players on the February Leaderboard receive 20 Lac prize pool. So, the value of prizes for Crazy Leaderboard will amount to 35 Lac and it will be shared by the top MTT grinders, 10 coming from January and another 10 coming February. The split is given below:23jan11

For the additional details of the Go Crazy Leaderboard and tourneys, please check out this Link here!