Kunal Patni And Finn Zwad Are Joint Chip Leaders At WPTDEEPSTACKS BERLIN Main Event

WPT Courtesy

The WPTDeepStacks Berlin Main Event has created history becoming the largest WPTDeepStacks event in Europe to date with 561 entries, which took the prizepool to a whopping €734,629. The prizepool will be distributed among top 71 places with €134,809 going to the ultimate winner.

The two starting flights at WPTDeepStacks Berlin Main Event are over and there are just 12 players remain for final day action after an enthralling day’s play which began with 208 players remaining.

Among remaining players for the final day action, it is Adda52 Team Pro Kunal Patni and Finn Zwad from Germany who jointly lead the way with both players holding 1,965,000 chips ( 39 blinds). Yes, both of them lead the remaining 12 players who will be returning for the final day action to battle it out for the coveted Main Event title and the first place prize money of €134,809.

One of the most crucial hands for India’s Kunal Patni came when there were 14 players remaining in the field.  Patni raised to 90,000  and Jan Bendik moved all in for 400,000 .  Patni eventually called the all-in bet. Patni held kings and Bendik queens. Since there was no queen on the board, Patni won the hand to extend his lead into the game and eliminated Bendik in 14th place.

Both Patni and Zwad enjoyed a good run at the Main Event. Finn Zwad further extended his lead when there were 16 players remaining. Vegard Andreassen moved all in for 535,000 from the button and Zwad made the call in the big blind. Andreassen held Q-J and Zwad had 4-4. With no help from the board for Andreassen, Zwad won the hand and Andreassen got eliminated in 16th place.

Given below is a list of the remaining players:

Name Chip Count Big Blinds
Kunal Patni 1,965,000 39
Finn Zwad 1,965,000 39
Dustin Mangold 1,685,000 34
Tobias Mathaess 1,510,000 30
William Defty 1,395,000 28
Bulent Demirtas 1,385,000 28
Claudio Celenza 1,240,000 25
Adem Gul 1,070,000 21
Ricardo Valim 930,000 19
Fabrice Soulier 670,000 13
Alescha Lechner 625,000 13
Zikai Li 610,000 12


Money Bubble

The money bubble was Angel Cobo Garcia. It was Fabrice Soulier who eliminated Garcia in 72nd place, assuring  all remaining players were in the money and will be taking a cash of at least 2,750.

ITM Eliminations

Among ITM players, Laurent Polito was the most notable player who hit the rail. The WPTDS Brussels champion finished in 52nd place. Following him were Thomas Muhlocker (43rd), Ben Bensimhon (33rd), Ole Schemion (30th), Bart Fergiatakis (27th) and Michel Abecassis (25th).

When the three  tables remained, it was Zwad who held chip lead over  William Liang and William Defty. The well-known Thijs Menco finished in 19th place for 6,440 after his Queen-Jack failed against the Ace-five of Zwad who further extended his chip lead.

The remaining players are set to return to the tables at 3 pm local time to play down to a champion at WPTDeepStacks Berlin. Stay tuned in right here for the latest updates and news!