Sahil ‘bluffme19’ Chutani Is The Biggest Earner Among The Last Weekend’s Winners

Go Crazy Promotion on India’s largest poker site- has completed two weeks and is already in full swing. The last weekend saw four big winners from four key events- Whale on Friday, Hitman on Saturday, and Sunday Suits & Adda52 Millions on Sunday. The biggest event among these was Adda52 Millions with INR 7.5 Lac for the 1st place and this time it found a champion in the well-known Sahil ‘bluffme19’ Chutani who beat Akshay Nasa who plays on under his online name ‘vibaks’. Another big event was 15 Lac GTD Whale where Paaras ‘Anarchy’ Sharma emerged the victorious. The other key tourneys included Sunday Suits and Hitman. The former found a winner in ‘thegrinder’, while the latter crowned ‘pawanjindal’ as the champion.

Let us have a quick round-up of the Go Crazy Tourneys, which took place on the last weekend:

15 Lac GTD Whale (Friday)756x406_Whale_winner

The very first event of the weekend in Go Crazy Tourneys was the 15 Lac GTD Whale on Friday, which went on to easily crush the guarantee with 201 entries.  After several hours of fierce battles, it was Paaras ‘Anarchy’ Sharma who outlasted these entries and shipped the title to collect the first-place prize of a cool INR 4,50,000. In the heads-up battle, he defeated Sahil Mahboobani aka ‘ImHighIshove’ who pocketed INR 2,58,750 for his runner-up finish. Top 15 places were paid out in this event with a min-cash of INR 18,750 going to the online player ‘sunny_naina’.

On the last hand of the tournament, ‘ImHighIshove’ held 9d-Jd, while ‘Anarchy’ had Ad-10d. The board was 2d-Kd-8s-Jh-7d and the online player ‘Anarchy’ took down the coveted title with Flush.

Final Table Payouts (INR):

1 anarchy 450000
2 ImHighIshove 258750
3 Sangahi 195000
4 yali2693 150000
5 Squashgod 112500
6 abhishek47aj 82500


5 Lac GTD Hitman (Saturday)756x406_Winner_Hitman

The second event of the weekend was Hitman, which featured INR 5 Lac GTD prize pool and took place on Saturday. Again, the event was a grand success with a total of 241 entries, which took the prize pool to INR 8,43,500. Top places took a share of the prize pool with a min-cash of INR 6853. The online player Lokesh Saini aka ‘pawanjindal’ came on top to outlast these entries and defeat the online player ‘sunny_naina’ in the final face off. ‘pawanjindal’ walked away with INR 1,56,258 for his first-place finish, while ‘sunny_naina’ collected INR 98,690 for his runner-up finish in this event.

The last hand of the tournament came with blinds running 15,000/30,000 and saw bothpawanjindal’ and ‘sunny_naina’ moving all-in pre-flop. The former had 6c-6h, while the latter held As-Kh. The board ran Qc-8c-9h-5h-3c. pawanjindal’ won the first Hitman title with his pair of sixes.

10 Lac GTD Sunday Suits (Sunday)756x406_Sunday Suits

Sunday was a big day and it saw the popular weekly tournament- Sunday Suits, which drew a total of 259 entries and outlasting these entries this time was Abhishek Garg aka ‘thegrinder’ who claimed the title for INR 2,70,000. He defeated Bhola Sharma aka ‘bhola’ who collected INR 1,70,000 for his runner-up finish. The final table of the event had some big names including ‘narcoss’ and ‘Squashgod’ who finished 3rd and 4th respectively for INR 1,27,500 and INR 1,00000.

The last hand of the tournament came with blinds running 20,000/40,000 where the player ‘bhola’ announced him all-in with 10s-7s and ‘thegrinder’ made the call with Ad-3d. The board ran 9c-5h-6c-5s-5c, which gave Three of A Kind to ‘thegrinder’ to eventually take down the coveted title.

Final Table Payouts (INR):

1 thegrinder 270000
2 bhola 170000
3 narcoss 127500
4 Squashgod 100000
5 puneet79 75000
6 TEAMfromHELL 55000
7 ashyylive 37500
8 YouBetIFold 30000
9 Mustang25 22500


20 Lac GTD Adda52 Millions756x406_adda52millions

The biggest event on Sunday was Adda52 Millions, which featured INR 7.5 Lac for the 1st place finish this time. The event received a tremendous response from players and drew a huge field with 256 entries, thus easily crushing the guarantee and taking the prize pool to a massive INR 26,50,000, which was distributed among top 18 places with a min-cash of INR 26500 going to sunny_naina. Coming on top was none other than the well-known Sahil ‘bluffme19’ Chutani from Delhi who collected INR 7,95,000 for his victory. He defeated Aksha ‘vibaks’ Nasa from Delhi who settled for INR 4,24,000 for his runner-up finish. This was by far the first Adda52 Millions title for Chutani.

On the last hand of the tournaments with blinds running 40,000/80,000, the player ‘vibaks’ moved all-in with 8c-8h and ‘bluffme19’ holding Kc-Ac in the big blind made the call. The showdown saw 10s- As-10c-Qd-9s, which gave two pairs to bluffme19 and also the Adda52 Millions title.

Final Table Payouts (INR):

1 bluffme19 795000
2 vibaks 424000
3 hissickness 318000
4 bothras 238500
5 anishpatra 192125
6 sagarpupul 145750

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