The Online Grinder ‘King0fMerge’ Becomes The First Godfather on

The excitement continues on as Thursday night saw Godfather- the first event of the Go Crazy Promotion kicking off at 8 PM and running for a 7 straight hours. The event drew a decent turnout with 353 entries. Many notable regs, pros, and champions from the past Adda52 events participated and many of them made good scores in the tournament. However, the biggest earner was ‘King0fMerge’ who got the honor of becoming the first Godfather, winning INR 5,20,000 for his splendid show. Top 27 players were paid out in this tournament with a min-cash of INR 12,000.Nikita 880x150

The well-known online player ‘King0fMerge’ faced ‘archerabhishek’ in the heads-up battle. While the latter gave a tough fight, the last hand hit him badly. On the last hand with blind running 60000 and 120000, the player ‘King0fMerge’ moved all-in with 6h-10h and ‘archerabhishek’ holding As- Kc made the call. The board ran out d6d- Jc –6c-Qs- 6s giving ‘King0fMerge’ four of a kind to win the first Godfather title. The runner-up ‘archerabhishek’ won INR 330000 for his remarkable performance.

With this win, ‘King0fMerge’ has reserved himself a seat to a Vega Package SNG Finale to be played among 8 winners of the Godfather. Hence, he will be one of the 8 players competing for a Vegas Package in an 8 player SNG on

Today, we got in a conversation with ‘King0fMerge’, talking about his win and expeirence in this tournament. Here are the excerpts:

Q- Hello ‘King0fMerge’, first of all, congratulations on winning the very first Godfather! Please introduce yourself and also tell us how you got into the game of poker?

To be frank, I got into the game through zyngya started with freerolls and got lucky early in career.

Q- Godfather was the first event of Go Crazy Tourneys on How does it feel becoming the first Godfather?

 Of course, it was a very special moment for me winning the very first edition of Godfather. I hope for a good run ahead.

Q- I recall you were not even among the top 10 within first 2 hours of the game. Please tell us how you built your stack and made it to the top in this tournament.

I really don’t remember as I had a lot of tables. To be honest, I went on to win some big hands in this tournament, especially from some fishes who donated and helped me make it to the top.

Q- Any key hands that you remember?

 Yeah, I gave my student bad beat 4-handed A9 to AJ and it was pretty much a deciding hand.

Q- What do you think was the toughest hand in this tournament?

Hmm, none. I just ran pure. While it is tough to remember the hands, I think, I gave a bunch of badbeats giving some of my table mates a hard time.

Q – Was there anybody at the final table who impressed or surprised you with his play?

Yeah, the guy who finished 2nd in this tournament was a tough competitor. He played really good.

Q- In heads-up battle, you beat ‘archerabhishek’. Can you describe your heads-up gameplay?

The heads-up battle did not last very long, as he (‘archerabhishek’) had very few BBs. I had an edge because I had been in similar spots a lot of times.

 Q- According to you, what 3 qualities does it take to become the winner in online MTTs?

 Hmm, volume, discipline and off table work are 3 qualities to be a winner in MTTs.

Q- After Godfather, what other Go Crazy Tourneys do you plan to play on

 I would probably play all Go Crazy Tourneys so that I can compete for the Go Crazy Leaderboard. Tonight on, I am planning and preparing for the 15 Lac GTD Whale- 6 Max.

Q- Finally, any advice or suggestion for the aspiring online poker players in India?

Be disciplined and focused and if you are an aspiring hardworking kid, then hit us at

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