DPT Feb’2018 Ends with 5 New Champions – Vivek Singh, Alok Birewar, Dainik Mehta, Nikhil Jain and Ashish Ahuja

After 4 successful seasons of the Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) in 2017, the first season of the DPT 2018 took place between 15th and 19th February this month and wrapped up successfully with the 5 new champions- Vivek Singh, Alok Birewar, Dainik Mehta, Nikhil Jain and Ashish Ahuja.880x150_OPN Header

15K Deep Dive NLH Champion – Vivek Singhvivek 15k deep dive

This DPT series kicked off in style with its opening event- 15K Deep Dive NLH, which drew an impressive turnout of 180 entries and outlasting them was Vivek Singh, who won the title for INR 6.57 Lac. Vivek beat Sanjay Taneja in heads-up, who bagged INR 4,38,000 for his runner-up finish. A total of 18 players paid out with a min-cash of INR 32K. Manju Sablok went out on the money bubble.

In the 15K Deep Dive NLH, the chip lead Vishal Kapoor was going strong but his good run ended in 4th place when his 8-10 lost to Sanjay Taneja’s pocket 9-9. The next elimination was Karan Khushlani, who finished in 3rd place for INR 2,97,000.

The heads-up battle did not last long. The last hand saw Taneja moving all-in with Jc-8h and Vivek called with Ks-7s. The board ran 6s-10s-9c-4h-4c and Singh won the title with high cards.

Final Table Top 5 Payouts (INR):

  1. Vivek Singh – INR 6,57,000
  2. Sanjay Taneja – INR 4,38,000
  3. Karan Khushlani – INR 2,97,000
  4. Vishal Kapoor – INR 2,20,000
  5. Rahul Rohatgi – INR 1,80,000

Adda52 65K High Roller Champion – Alok Birewaralok birewar high roller

One of the headline events of the DPT February 2018 was the 65K High Roller, which went on to become a grand success. The event attracted 100 runners and ultimately it was Alok Birewar from Ahmedabad, who took down the title, winning a hefty INR 17,74,000 in the top prize money.

Birewar defeated Nikhil Jain in heads-up, who banked INR 12,04,000 for his efforts. The last hand of the event saw Jain moving all-in with Kc-9c and Birewar called with Ah-Qh. The board ran out 10s-2d-2c-As-6d to give Birewar two pairs to win the title and a well-deserved payday of INR 17.74 Lac.

The final table was very tough and had some well-known names from poker, including the likes of the former Adda52 Team Pro- Muskan Sethi, Jaydeep Dawer, Kapil Arora, Mikhail and Mayank Agarwal.

Final Table Top 5 Payouts (INR):

1st – Alok Birewar – INR 17,74,000

2nd – Nikhil Jain – INR 12,04,000

3rd – Vaibhav Sharma – INR 7,60,400

4th – Kapil Arora – INR 5,86,000

5th – Muskan Sethi – INR 4,27,000

DPT 35K Main Event Champion – Dainik MehtaDainik Mehta

The biggest attraction of the DPT was the 35K Main Event, which drew a strong field of 293 players and generated a whopping prize pool. Topping this impressive field was Dainik Mehta, who took home INR 23.19 Lac. He defeated Arjun Arora in heads-up, who walked away with INR 15,28,600.

The heads-up battle was intense between Mehta and Arora and ended with the former taking down the title. The last hand of this battle saw both players moving all-in. Mehta had Kh-6h and Arora held 5s-5c. The board ran out Qd-Kd-8d-6d-9h crowning Mehta as the new champion of the event.

Final Table Top 5 Payouts (INR):

  1. Dainik Mehta – INR 23,19,680
  2. Arjun Arora – INR 15,28,600
  3. Avinash Tauro – INR 9,86,200
  4. Abhijeet Shetty – INR 7,64,300
  5. Former Adda52 Team Pro-Aditya Sushant – INR 6,21,300

DPT 20K PLO Champion – Nikhil Jain28167021_10157265187817942_838027528184596898_n

The 20K PLO registered a total of 38 entries and it was Nikhil Jain, who emerged the champion and bagged a cool INR 2,94,400 for his splendid performance. Jain defeated Ram Munjuluri in heads-up, who settled for the 2nd place prize money of INR 1,72,300. Top 6 players cashed in this event with a min-cash remaining INR 52,000. Idris Khan went on the money bubble in this event.

While the action a bit slowed down on the final table, it was fast and furious in heads-up wherein the last hand saw Jain’s Kh-7h-7c-9s up against Munjuluri’s 4h-Ad-9s-9d. The board ran 8h-5s-10d-Qc-Ks where Jain made a higher pair to take down the event. It was by far the first DPT cash for Jain.

Final Table Payouts (INR):

  1. Nikhil Jain – INR 2,94,400
  2. Ram Munjuluri – INR 1,72,300
  3. Jagdish Jayaraman – INR 1,10,000
  4. Rajat Jain – INR 84,000
  5. Myron Pereira – INR 66,000
  6. Riaz S – INR 52,000

DPT 20K Bounty NLH – Ashish AhujaAshish Ahuja bounty

Attracting a modest field of 84 hopefuls, the 20K Bounty NLH found a champion in Ashish Ahuja, who won the title for INR 3.32 Lac. He claimed a total of 14 bounties, 5 of which he picked up on the final table. He defeated Gokul Krishna in heads-up, who settled for INR 2.35 Lac in the prize money.

The last hand of the tournament saw Krishna jamming with Ah-6c and Ahuja called with asks. The board ran 4d-Kd-4h-10s-2d giving Ahuja two pairs to take down the pot and the title.

Karan Gupta went out as the money bubble in this event. A total of 9 places were paid out in this event with a min-cash of INR 34,000. The final table of the event included some popular players, including the upcoming female poker player Amrita Sethi, who finished 9th for INR 73,000.

Final Table Top 5 Payouts (INR):

  1. Ashish Ahuja – INR 3,32,100
  2. Gokul Krishna – INR 2,35,700
  3. Pradeep Sharma – INR 1,54,300
  4. Sameer Chaturvedi – INR 1,18,700
  5. Pukhraj Singh – INR 94,000

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