Past Week Go Crazy Tourneys: ‘Bit2Easy’, Sumit ‘Hammer_Head’ Sapra And Sandeep ‘thak’ Thakral Emerge Biggest Winners!

The past week on India’s largest poker saw super action with several Go Crazy Tourneys taking place and wrapping up successfully. The first tourney was The Roar on Monday, which found a winner in Jitendra Chordia aka ‘zxcvuiop’, who won INR 2,24,000 in the top prize money.

It was really a big week for ‘Bit2Easy’, who won Judwaa Tourneys both on Tuesday and Wednesday and became the first player to win the coveted Macau Package, fulfilling his dream to play in Macau.

Thursday saw one of the biggest events of the week- Godfather, which crowned Sumit Sapra aka ‘Hammer_Head’ as its champion. Sapra won INR 5,20,000 for his superb show in this event. It was the 2nd title for Sapra. Before this, he shipped the 40 Lac GTD Mega Suits title for INR10 Lac.

The weekend on began with several key events taking place. Friday saw the 15 Lac GTD Whale- 6 Max wherein it was Ashumi Parekh aka ‘Ashumi’, who stole the show and won the event for INR 4,50,000. Saturday was a big hit again, as it saw the high-value tourney- Hitman wherein  Haridasan Raghavan aka ‘pokerfan2009’ emerged the winner and bagged INR 1,60,000.

The weekend ended with the 2 big tourneys-Sunday Suits and Adda52 Millions taking place on Sunday. The Sunday Suits was taken down by Harsh Dembla aka ‘Dembla’ for INR 2,70,000, while the biggest tourney of the weekend- Adda52 Millions found a winner in Sandeep Thakral, who plays under his online name ‘thak’. He won the title for INR 7. 5 Lac in the top prize money.

The Roar (Monday)

This past week kicked off in style with Adda52’s 7 Lac GTD Roar, which found a winner in Jitendra Chordia aka ‘zxcvuiop’, who earned INR 2,24,000 for his win after beating ‘Bit2Easy’, who won both Judwaa and became the first player to hit Macau Package. A total of 9 players made it to the money in this event with a min-cash of INR 17,500 going to a 9th place finish.

Judwaa ( Tuesday & Wednesday)

As mentioned above, it was an exciting week for ‘Bit2Easy’ as he shipped both Judwaa events of the week. On Tuesday, he beat the well-known Zarvan ‘SavitaBhabhi13’ Tumboli to win INR 158175 for his win. Zarvan banked INR 99,900 for his runner-up finish. A total of 147 players took to the felts in this event and 9 of them made it to the money with a min-cash of INR 6,938 for the 15th place finish.

‘Bit2Easy’ maintained his crazy run and went on to ship yet another Judwaa tourney on Wednesday. This time, he defeated Nikhil Chaudhary aka ‘nickel0992’ and won INR 1,50,000 for his amazing show. A total of 104 players took to the felts and 12 of them made money with a min-cash of INR 8,750.

 Godfather (Thursday)

One of the biggest events of the week was Godfather, which took place on Thursday and drew a total of 320 entries. Outlasting the field this time was the well-known Sumit Sapra aka ‘Hammer_Head’, who won the title for INR 5,20,000 after beating his heads-up mate- Puneet ’puneet79’ Mishra, who settled for INR 3,30,000 for his 2nd place finish. Top 27 players made money with min-cash of INR 12K.

On the last hand of the tournament, ‘Hammer_Head’ held Ad-4d, while puneet79’ had Js-2c. The board ran 10d-Qs-As-9d-Kd, giving ‘Hammer_Head’ a winning flush to win the title.

Final Table Payouts (INR):

1 Hammer_Head 520000
2 puneet79 330000
3 Ikkvr 250000
4 gd1921 195000
5 radford 145000
6 DoJingBULLETS 105000
7 BillyWalsh 70000
8 shrey12345 55000
9 mihirparv 42000

Whale – 6 Max (Friday)

Another big event of the week was the 15 Lac GTD Whale -6 Max wherein it was Ashumi Parekh ‘Ashumi’, who emerged the eventual winner after outlasting 110 players. He beat Piyush ‘rohit690’ Mahajan in heads-up to win INR 4,50,000. The runner-up- Piyush settled for INR 2,85,000. A total of 12 players made money in this event with a min-cash of INR 26,250 going to the 12th place finisher.

The last hand of the tournament saw ‘Ashumi’ with 7d-Ad and ‘rohit690’ with Kh- 6c. The board was Jd-As-Jh-Ac-Ks where the player ‘Ashumi’ took down the event with a full house-Ad-As-Ac-Jd-Jd.

Final Table Payouts (INR):

1 Ashumi 450000
2 rohit690 285000
3 coconik 198750
4 palash777 157500
5 aggtarun 112500
6 kishorvc 82500

Hitman (Saturday)

Saturday brought back Hitman, which wrapped up with Haridasan Raghavan aka pokerfan2009’ emerging the winner this time. He beat ‘cheapthrills83’ in heads-up to take down the event for INR 1,60,000. While the runner-up ‘cheapthrills83’ banked INR 97,500 for his efforts, top 9 players made money with a min-cash of INR 12,500 going to ‘Naveennav91’ for his 9th place finish.

Sunday Suits & Adda52 Millions (Sunday)

The biggest day of this past week was Sunday when the two popular tourneys- Sunday Suits and Adda52 Millions took place. The first tourney found a champion in Harsh Dembla aka ‘Dembla’, who defeated a strong field of 257 entries to win INR 2,70,000 in the top prize money. In heads-up, he beat Sajjan ‘SAJJAN0007’ Kumar, who settled for the 2nd place prize of INR 1,70,000. A total of 18 players made it to the money in this event with a min-cash of INR 10,000.

On the last hand of the tourney, ‘SAJJAN0007’ moved all with 4c-7s, which dembla’ snap-called with 5s-5c. The board ran out Qh-7c-5d-3s-10d to give ‘dembla’ a winning Three of A Kind-5s-5c-5d.

Sunday Suits Final Table Payouts (INR):

1 dembla 270000
2 SAJJAN0007 170000
3 badtameez_donk 127500
4 vinayb 100000
5 rtuteja 75000
6 thegrinder 55000
7 andydlf 37500
8 Nixiepixie 30000
9 amitshur2984 22500

The biggest event on Sunday was the 20 Lac GTD Adda52 Millions, which once again went on to become a grand success with a strong field of 192 entries. Coming on top this time was Sandeep Thakral aka ‘thak’, who defeated the well-known Sahil Agarwal aka Bhaijiii in heads-up to win the title for INR 7.5 Lac. A total of 15 players made money in this event with a min-cash of INR 25,000.

On the last hand of the tournament with blinds running 20,000/40,000, ‘bhaijiii’ had 5c-8h and ‘thak’ held Jc-Qc. The board was 10c-4d-10h-2s-Ks and  ‘thak’ took down the title with one pair –10c-10h.

Final Table Payouts (INR):

1 thak 600000
2 Bhaijiii 345000
3 gameank123 260000
4 runez21 200000
5 vibaks 150000
6 Akzs 110000

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