Sahil Chutani aka ‘bluffme19’ Wins Whale, Naresh ‘nareshratnam’ Rathnam Ships Adda52 Millions

The crazy action continues on India’s largest poker site- and this past week saw the two crucial 6- max events wrapping up successfully. The first event was the popular Whale- 6 Max, which took place on Friday and drew a total of 119 hopefuls to the virtual felts. After several hours of fierce battles, it was the well-known Sahil Chutani aka ‘bluffme19’ from Delhi, who emerged the champion, winning INR 458265 for his first-place finish. He beat the online player ‘ajGar5’ in heads-up, who settled for INR 290235 for efforts. A total of 12 players were paid out with a min-cash of INR 26732.

The last hand of the event saw ‘ajGar5’ holding Qh-8h and ‘bluffme19’ with Ks-Kh. The board was 4s-Js-4h-2c-8c where the player ‘bluffme19’ took down the pot and event title with two pairs.

Final Table Payouts (INR):

1 bluffme19 458265
2 AjGar5 290235
3 bhaveshvaluer 202400
4 gmtesting 160393
5 nareshratnam 114566
6 zxcvuiop 84015

After Friday, played a host to Hitman on Saturday wherein it was kyachahiye’, who took down the event for INR 150000 after beating buzzgaurav, who banked INR 95000 for his runner-up finish.

Add52 Millions

The biggest attraction of the week was the Adda52 Millions, which took place yesterday and attracted a total of 221 entries, crushing the guarantee and taking the prize pool to a hefty INR 2,210,000, which was distributed among the top 15 players with a min-cash remaining INR 27625.

After several hours of tough fights, the event found a champion in Naresh Rathnam, an IIT Madras pass-out, who plays on under his online name nareshratnam. He a beat a strong field that included several top pros and the past winners. For his grand win, he bagged a hefty INR 7.5 Lac.

In heads-up,nareshratnam faced the online player ‘TIMA1106’, who started well but could not go all the way. The last hand of the tournament saw ‘tima1106’ moving all-in on the flop10h-Jh-Qh and  ‘nareshratnam’ made the call. The player ‘tima1106’ held 7c-Jc, while the latter had Qd-As. The turn and river were 3s and 6d. The player ‘nareshratnam’ took down the title with one pair of Queens.

 Final Table Payouts (INR):

1 nareshratnam 750000
2 TIMA1106 381225
3 aggtarun 287300
4 Ikkvr 221000
5 zxcvuiop 165750
6 sagarpupul 121550

Another big event wrapping up yesterday was Sunday Suits, which drew a total of 277 entries and outlasting them was none other than the well-known Deepak Bothra, who plays under his online name ‘bothras’. He defeated Varun ‘vannuvarun’ Gupta in heads-up to take down the event for INR 270000.

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