Amit ‘amit030’ Kumar Wins Vegas SNG ; ‘Luckypunter’ Ships Last Week’s Godfather

Adda52’s popular weekly tournament – Godfather has been taking place over the last 8 weeks and yesterday was the mega finale of the event. All 8 winners of Godfather tourneys were awarded tickets to the Godfather SNG Finale, which took place yesterday and featured the winning prize of 9 Lac package trip to every poker player’s dream destination – Las Vegas. After several hours of fierce battles, it was Amit ‘amit030’ Kumar, who won the battle, bagging a 9 Lac Package to play in Vegas.

The finale began at 9 PM and wrapped up within a few hours, by 1:14 AM. KingOfMerge, VasuShrest, aggtarun, SanjayKotak75, Amit030,Hammer_Head, gameank123, and Luckypunter were the 8 finalists. The heads-up took place between ‘aggtarun’ and ‘Amit030’ with the latter taking it down for INR 9 Lac Vegas Package. The last hand saw both players moving all-in pre-flop. ‘aggtarun’ had 5s-Ks, while ‘Amit030’ held As-4d. The board ran out 3c-Js-Jh-Ad-9h.

Luckypunter Wins Last Week’s Godfather for INR 5,20,000

Luckypunter emerged a champion in the 8th edition of Godfather, which took place on Thursday night last week and drew a strong field with a total of 363 entries, including 219 unique entries and 144 re-entries. In the heads-up battle, he defeated ‘cjackshit’ to take down the top prize of INR 5,20,000. The runner-up – ‘cjackshit’ settled for a cool INR 3,30,000 for his remarkable show.

On the last hand of the tournament, the eventual winner – ‘Luckypunter’ held Qs-Qh, while ‘cjackshit’ had Kd-Qc. The latter moved all-in pre-flop and ‘Luckypunter’ made a snap call. The board ran out Qd-4s-6c-4d-2s, giving ‘Luckypunter’ a winning full house to take down the coveted title.

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