In Conversation with Godfather 2.0 Champion – Sagar ‘sagarpupul’ Choudhury

The craziness continues on India’s largest poker site – as Thursday night saw another Godfather 2.0 wrapping-up successfully. Many regulars, pros, and the past Godfather 2.0 winners participated and many of them made good scores in the tournament. The high-value event featuring INR 20 Lac GTD and a ticket worth INR 1 Lac to Vegas SNG began at 8 PM and ran for about 10 hours, drawing an impressive participation of 377 entries and easily crushing the advertised guarantee.

Coming out on top was Sagar sagarpupul Choudhury, who took down this edition of Godfather 2.0 for INR 5,20,000 after beating his heads-up mate – ‘SIDDHU24’, who won INR 3,30,000 for his efforts. Sagar also won an additional ticket worth INR 1 Lac to the Vegas SNG to be played on 6th May where the 9 Godfathers will be competing for the 9 Lac Vegas package. With this win, Sagar also took a jump to move up to the 3rd place on the 15 Lac Crazy Leaderboard – III, which seeks to award the top 9 players with the eventual topper taking home INR 7.5 Lac.

 We caught up with Sagar Choudhury via an online chat and here are the excerpts:

1. How do you feel after winning the Godfather 2.0 title?

It always feels satisfying shipping any tourney, but this one is special. It is because I lost the Godfather heads-up to Tarun Goyal back in January. So, winning this one means a lot to me.

2. Your thoughts on the Godfather 2.0 tournament?

It’s one of the best tourneys on Indian sites, after that 1 Crore GTD tourney. The winner not only gets a hefty amount up-top but also gets to play Vegas SNG, which is every poker player’s dream.

3. How tough was the field? How was your experience in the tournament?

The field was very competitive. Though I maintained the top 5 positions almost throughout the tournament, I bled a lot during the last 2 tables. In fact, I was 13th out of 13 players. A couple of flips went my way and all the aggro-players were on the 2nd table. So, it was a lot easier putting ICM pressure on the small stacks on my table to chip-up and make my way to the top in this event.

4. Any special moment/hand from the tourney?

In heads up, when I was behind by 1:4.5, I shoved K9 off and ‘SIDDHU24’ called with A6 off and I flopped a set of Kings. That was the flip which mattered the most in the game.

5. You are 3rd on the leaderboard. What are your plans for the leaderboard -III?

I am pretty excited about this month’s leaderboard. Actually, I stood 5th and 6th on the crazy leaderboards in January and February months. Nishant Sharma has an unassailable lead on this month’s leaderboard, so I am just going to concentrate more on my game. If the destiny has it for me, I will win the leaderboard, else I will move to the next one and say ‘GG’ to myself.