Ioannis Anglou-Konstas Takes Down His Second WPT DeepStacks Europe Title In 5 Months

The WPT DeepStacks Brussels Main Event drew 315 entries and saw Angelou-Konstas from Greece emerging as the champion. For his grand victory, Angelou-Konstas won the first-place prize of €75,000 ($92,250) along with a seat into the season-ending WPT DeepStacks Europe championship.

It was the 2nd WPT Europe title for Angelou-Konstas, as it came just 5 months after he defeated a 251-entry field to win the WPT DeepStacks Netherland Main Event for €56,805 ($67,226). He also won December’s PokerStars Championship Prague Event #1: €1,100 NLHE for a cool €41,700 ($49,259).

Angelou-Konstas began the WPT DeepStacks Brussels Main Event final table as the chip leader, and he made it all the way to heads-up with 5.75 million chips against Martin Kaya’s 3.7 million chips. Angelou-Konstas played aggressively and in no time took the massive chip lead over his opponent.

On the last hand of the tournament, Kaya who was down to 720,000 moved all-in with Kh-6h and Angelou-Konstas holding Qd-3c called. The board ran out Ah-7d-4h-6c-Qc. While Kaya flopped a flush draw, but the story changed thereafter. The turn 6c and the river Qc gave the title to Angelou-Konstas.

Final Table Payouts:

1 Ioannis Angelou-Konstas €75,000 ($92,250)

2 Martin Kaya €52,050 ($64,022)

3 Milan Rabsz €33,510 ($41,217)

4 Gianluca Bucchino €24,805 ($30,510)

5 Michael Lech €18,620 ($22,903)

6 Roland Rozel €14,990 ($18,43)

7 Mourad Tounnouti €12,370 ($15,215)

8 Miguel Coussement €9,915 ($12,195)

9 Amin Charef €7,445 ($9,157)