Jonathan Cronin Wins WPTDeepStacks Jacksonville Main Event For $107,386

Jonathan Cronin won his first WPTDeepStacks title after defeating a 372-entry field in the $1,500 WPTDeepStacks Jacksonville Main Event. For his grand win, the player pocketed a hefty $107,386 along with a $3,000 package into the WPTDeepStacks Championship and the tournament trophy.

Although he had various ups and downs over the course of the tournament, he was happy with how he played. The player fired 2 bullets during the two starting flights and secured his spot among the Day 2 survivors. The first bullet didn’t work as he got eliminated in the very first hour of the play. However, the second bullet was lucky for him. Cronin shot into the tournament and eventually took it down.

Day 2 & 3 Highlights

Cronin entered Day 2 play 7th in chips. By the time, nine players were left on Day 2, he was among the short stacks. However, the eventual champion didn’t get discouraged by his diminished stack and used good cards that came his way intelligently to stack up on Day 3 of the $1,500 Main Event.

Day 3 of the Main Event was played on Monday at Bestbet Jacksonville and 9 finalists returned to the host venue to play it down to a champion. Mario Oliveira started as the chip leader among the final 9 players with 1.76 million in chips. Cronin who had 584,000 was the 2nd to last in the chip counts.

The play was off to a slow start and it took a long time for the first elimination. However, the action became faster afterward. Cronin cruised well and managed to build a huge stack during the final table play. By the time, Cronin reached heads-up with Adam Shuman, he held a total of 3.535 million in chips. However, it was Shuman still holding the commanding chip lead with 5.76 million in chips.

The heads-up battle saw the chip lead Shuman switching hands on several occasions until Cronin took the control over the game and determined to never let it go. On the final hand, Shuman raised to 400,000 pre-flop and Cronin re-raised to 1 million. Shuman re-raised, shoving all his stack. Cronin called and flipped Kd-Kc to his opponent’s Ah-10s. The board running 7d-5h-2h-6c-3c sealed it for Cronin. Shuman took home $73,078 for his runner-up finish in the tournament.

WPTDeepStacks Jacksonville Main Event Results

1: Jonathan Cronin – $107,386*

2: Adam Shuman – $73,078

3: Mario Oliveira – $46,980

4: Jimmy Ilanlou – $30,856

5: Eric Chastain – $23,762

6: Ben Scrogins – $19,658

7: Luke Graham – $16,474

8: Scott Hall – $13,468

9: Ashley Brown – $10,438