Online Grinder Devang ‘spark123’ Yadav Ships Adda52 Millions for INR 7.5 Lac

It was a super Sunday on Adda52 with its signature tournament – 20 Lac GTD Adda52 Millions taking place. The high-value tourney with INR 7.5 Lac for 1st place and 50% TDS refund for all ITM players went on to become a grand success, attracting 217 entries and easily crushing the advertised GTD.

Coming out on top was Jaipur’s Devang Yadav aka ‘spark123’, who took down this edition of Adda52 Millions after beating Delhi’s Sumit Sapra, who plays on Adda52 under his online name ‘Hammer_Head’. The eventual winner pocketed INR 7.5 Lac for his top performance, while Sapra banked a cool INR 3,74,325. The top 15 players made money with a min-cash of INR 27,125.getall_29mar18

On the last hand of the tournament, ‘spark123’ held Qh-10d, while ‘Hammer_Head’ had Jd-2c. On the board having Jc-Jh-9d-Ad-Kh, the online grinder ‘spark123’ took down the coveted Adda52 Millions title with a straight – Ad-Kh-Qh-Jc-10d.

Talking about his win and the field, Devang Yadav said, “It always feels great winning such a big tournament. The field was great. It was a tough one too.”

An engineer from IIT Delhi, Devang Yadav is enjoying a crazy run on Adda52. Yesterday, he took down yet another event – The Roar and pocketed a cool INR 2,16,000 for his remarkable win. With his back-to-back wins, Devang takes a good jump on the 15 Lac Crazy Leaderboard – III and comfortably moves up to 10th place.

Final Table Payouts (INR):

1 spark123 7,50.000
2 Hammer_Head 3,74,325
3 pri22123 2,82,100
4 thegrinder 2,17,000
5 iamaluksack 1,62,750
6 nareshratnam 1,19,350

On the same day with Adda52 Millions, we saw yet another popular tournament – 10 Lac GTD Sunday Suits taking place. The event drew a total of 324 entries and finally found a winner in Mohd Zeeshan aka ‘007ShAkuNi’ from Indore, who banked INR 2,60,000 for his superb show.